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Discover Your

Power to Heal...

When you're ready to end a life of suffering and create a life of joy, there is another way that can show you how to heal, how to stay healed, and move forward.

How do you actually heal and then create the life you really want while getting better & better?

Answer: by using what works to create good outcomes! That's where the Life P&L process comes in. The Life P&L process is a method of dynamic transformation, innovation, creation, and of course healing & revealing. For the disciplined warriors out there, it becomes an ongoing practice and a lifelong passion. This unique and highly individualized method of discovery, transformation, and manifestation was created from the personal and professional life experiences of its creator, David Scotland, who still uses this same exact process, himself. GOOD NEWS: healing and creating the life you really want are not mutually exclusive -- you don't have to wait until you are 100% healed (which most people equate with "perfection") before you can start creating the life you truly want. You can do both. Seriously. And enjoy the process!

What is it? 

It is a user-friendly, non-judgmental, powerfully transformational and productive process anyone can use to discover, heal, change, or manifest anything you want regarding your own highly unique and individualized "true self." It can help you become aware of, create with, and transform your own individual "operating systems" of your mind and your behavior -- because both are the cause of everything we experience in life from suffering, to success, and everything in between. 

Why use it?

The purpose of this new process is to introduce you to your own wisdom within so you can end a life of suffering and create a life of joy instead. The LIFE P&L process is dedicated to showing you how to work with yourself and others in such a way that results in you creating the kind of life you really want, by being who you were born to be, doing what you were born to do, and enjoying it. It is based on healthy, productive, results-oriented win-win scenarios and not the zero-sum game mentality of the status quo.

What's on this website:

We hope you enjoy the overview information on this website. Be sure to watch the intro video (see below) about the Life P&L process that is so simple and practical, and yet very powerful at the same time. Also, check out how it can be used in different areas of your life that need transformation or healing as well as various different reasons why you would want some (or a lot of) transformation and healing. There's also a quick summary about the workshop experience, and finally an invitation to join us by signing up for our free email list. 

Thank you so much for visiting, and welcome to discovering and working with your own wisdom within!

The Process is Simple,

Practical, and Powerful

As we use the Life P&L process, not only do we discover what's causing our life to be the way it is -- all our internal processes and our reactions to them which are the cause of all the world's suffering, successes, and everything in between -- but we can observe them directly and co-create with them to defeat our own darkness and obstacles and open up instead to brighter opportunities, better choices, and more enjoyable outcomes. This process will show you what you are doing in your own internal "operating system," why you are doing it, and how you can continue to work with it, change it, and create the life you really want, instead.

The Process

Get into it...

Simply use the process as directed. It is very specific in what it asks you to pay attention to and describe as accurately as you can on paper and in one-on-one dialogue when appropriate.

Go through it...

Go through the entire process. It is designed to be used by you in its entirety so that you can become as aware as possible of a more holistic, conscious, and productive way of managing your own internal operating system as well as your behaviors.

Get more out of it...

You will get more out of it by what you choose to put into it and really work with it. Because it's also a process and practice of personal discovery, creativity, and transformation, each person will have their own unique experience and results from doing the process and the practice.

Grow and go beyond...

You will become more aware of what your own internal operating system is doing, as well as how & why it's doing it. The process also shows you how to reveal and heal whatever you want and become aware of new opportunities and possibilities for moving forward into the future, and can show you how to create the life you want.

The Process...

1. Get into it...

2. Go through it...

3. Get more out of it...

4. Grow and go beyond...


 It can be used for different areas of your life including but not limited to:

  • Starting Up, Starting Over
  • Relationships, Friendships
  • Work & Career
  • Money & Finances
  • Professional Success
  • Communication, Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Success
  • Habits, Routines, Rituals, Behaviors
  • Self-care & Self-love
  • Stress, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety
  • Social Exhaustion or Deprivation
  • Recovery from Loss
  • Health & Wellness
  • Soul & Spirit
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Forgiveness & Moving On
  • Goals & Dreams
  • Overcoming Abuse
  • Codependency
  • Depression
  • General Overwhelm & Burnout
  • Political & Societal Burnout

 It can be used for different reasons in your life including but not limited to:

  • heal, change, create, manifest
  • deeply examine or analyze something
  • raise consciousness and awareness to new levels
  • increase productivity, profitability, prosperity
  • master your mind, moods, outlook, behaviors
  • reveal and heal blindspots, get out of your own way
  • explore new potentials, possibilities, opportunities
  • achieve goals, dreams, desires, ambitions
  • energize, revitalize, motivate, inspire
  • achieve goals, dreams, desires, ambitions
  • get on the lifepath you were born to enjoy living
  • brainstorm, create new ideas and action plans

The Workshop Experience...

Discover your true self, release old patterns, and more, in our safe, supportive, fun, and truly productive learning environment & community.

The Workshop Experience

The workshops are for you to meet your true self and make discoveries about your life, and even create new possibilities. They are provided in a safe, supportive, and productive learning environment that meets you where you're at right now with whatever issue or area you want to work on. The workshops are actually an undoing and unlearning of what we've been doing that isn't working for our highest good. While David facilitates the process, you will do the process and it tends to get deep and interesting fairly quickly. David is there to guide you through the process, go through each part of it, and help you stay on track with moving through it while moving forward, as you explore and examine what you want to reveal and heal, change, create, start doing, stop doing, etc.

This is a workshop about who you're being right now, what you're actually doing, how you're doing it, and why, and then going deeply into a discovery phase about what that way of living has actually been like -- and could be like in the future. The workshop is an opportunity to make direct contact with your own internal wisdom within, discover what your own internal operating system is actually doing, how it is affecting you and others, and what new choices and opportunites are available to you that you might not have been aware of before. It is a way for you to end a life of suffering and begin a life of joy based on a new awareness of who you really are and what you can actually do. Life can surprise and amaze us when we allow it.

During the workshop experience, participants have breakthroughs from doing the process and end up sharing their insights, their aha moments, their new understandings, breakthroughs, ideas, and more. Once they discover what spells they've been under by their own mind and once they discover a more holistic, disciplined, and productive way of managing their mind and their behaviors, the relief that manifests is truly a joy to observe, share, and experience! The joy, peace, and profound healing and clarity that comes from resolving all kinds of different issues that have caused so much needless suffering and confusion for so long is amazing to watch and experience in the presence of the workshop. Many participants consider the workshop to be a major positive turning point in their life as they can now move forward knowing who they are, who they can be, and start thriving and living their life on their terms by making the process a part of their ongoing practice for living a better life.

Join Us!

Discover a new and amazing journey and a wonderful community of like-minded individuals on a path of growing and going beyond...

 An Invitation to Healing & Discovery...

I discovered that all my suffering was because I was unaware of how to work with my mind in terms of how to best manage my thoughts, emotions, reactions, and behaviors, and thus everything in my life. It was as if my mind was working against me and therefore my life wasn't working the way I wanted it to work.

Another way of saying it is that the mind is oblivious to what is obvious until it is trained on how to become aware and become more conscious. After we train it to become more aware and conscious only then can we be accountable for our Life's Prosperity (P) and/or Losses (L) in terms of our perceptions and behaviors.

When I became aware of how to work with my mind, I didn’t suffer. I learned how to hold my mind accountable for what it was doing and that was the turning point when everything changed dramatically and for the better. That's when the spell of being oblivious (and suffering because of it) was broken. And this can be true for you, too. Consciousness, awareness, freedom, relief, and having and enjoying a life that works on your own terms (instead of the terms of a seemingly unmanageable, unaccountable, oblivious mind or some other oblivious person) is simply a process of going from being oblivious to discovering what is obvious. The Truth is "what is" and what is obvious. I like to say, "The Truth can set me free when Truth becomes obvious to me."

I discovered that suffering, chaos, and negative reactions, are optional. I found a peace and presence within me with a consistent joy I had never known before and it has never left me since I started doing the LIFE P&L myself. And it's there whether I'm sitting in quietude or working or playing or grocery shopping or driving or stuck in traffic or reading the news or exercising or eating or whatever.

That peace and joy are already within everyone, always. We only need to awaken it from the "sleep" that it's been in. And I encourage you to not take my word for it, but to do the process for yourself, break the illusions and spells the mind fools us with, and discover your own wisdom within.

With gratitude,

David Scotland