At First the Establishment and the Bankers Laughed at My Music Video, But Now They're Nervous Because It Tells the Truth About How Truly Corrupt, Unethical, and Downright Evil They Are...

What this song is about...

The music video on this page is of a song I wrote and performed called MONEY. It’s about the corruption of money in our financial, legal, and political systems in the United States. 

I wrote all the vocal parts, all the lyrics, and sang all the vocal tracks in the song, and that’s me playing “the guy” who gets ripped off in the music video. Ths story of MONEY in this music video is told through the lyrics and is about how We The People have been lied to and taken advantage of by the banksters and their capitalist cronies and other evildoers. I am not against capitalism, I’m against corruption and evildoing no matter who does it. Listen carefully to the lyrics because everyone who hears this song tells me some form of: “Oh, My God! you actually told the TRUTH! Wow!” Yep, I did. That’s what I do. I can’t sit by and do nothing, I have to speak up... and tell the truth.

“MONEY” was directed by Joseph Panwitz, hair and makeup by Beth Whitfied, key grip and gaffer by Patrick Wenk-Wolff, costumes by Sunny Chayes. One of my longtime best friends, Vicki Van Tassel (star of Broadway, Las Vegas, and national TV commercials), plays the role of my girlfriend in the video, and my other great friend, Jada Fire, plays the role of what we called “the White Rabbit” even though she’s wearing black through the whole video while she lures us in. LOL!!! The song was produced by Dennis D’Amico (former President of Paul McCartney’s Foundation), sound engineered and mixed by Jason Corsaro (who also did Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” as well as hits for Duran Duran), mastered by DISNEY's Drew Daniels, was choreographed by Broadway’s Brad Musgrove, and Executive Produced by Randall Blaum and David Scotland. Currently I am working on a remix of the MONEY song to be launched sometime this year.

Here's Why I'm So Passionate About This Song...

How many of you were doing relatively okay with your life, career, making money, paying bills, etc. when the global economic collapse of 2008 happened... and... you got more than a little pissed off because while YOU were following the rules and obeying the laws and keeping current on everything, for some reason when the big banks made their mistakes everyone else got punished for it (and of course we bailed them out... again) and the reason why we got punished for it is because everything is too connected to be safe and sustainable, and there's just a hell of a lot of corruption going on?

I have watched these "bad" patterns for a while, now, and it's obvious to me that Wall Street's business model is nothing more than trying to fool We The People that the emperor actually has clothes when we all know he doesn't.

Imagine a bunch of robbers stealing from you -- they steal your money, some of your belongings, and maybe even your house. And then a slick talking lawyer comes along and tells you a song-and-dance load of crap about how she wants to help you get back on your feet. In fact, she is absolutely convinced that SHE is the right choice to help you get back on your feet because, after all, she not only knows the people who robbed you (and continue to steal from you, patronize you, and talk down to you as if you're just another "useless eater," as Kissinger put it) but she's also just happened to give countless paid speeches to them telling them her thoughts about all this stuff.

So here's my question to you, America: if you wouldn't trust the robbers who stole from you... would you really want to trust the slick-talking song-and-dance lawyer lady who's great friends and colleagues with the bankster robber baron crowd (speaking of establishment) who also has her own multi-hundred-million dollar "Foundation," who regularly "gets advice from and is told what to think about the future" from the clique at the Council on Foreign Relations, who once in a while gets cozy with the World Economic Forum groupies (speaking of the establishment)?

I"m just asking at what point can you NOT see through the scam and at what point can someone be first lady, senator, run for President of the United States (twice), and do all that some slick-talking lawyer ladies do and NOT be considered as part of the elite and the "establishment?"

Well, would you REALLY trust that lawyer? I hope you wouldn't trust the robbers and I hope you wouldn't trust the slick-talking lawyer, either. Can you NOT see through this scheme... AGAIN? 

I wrote this MONEY song because I'm sick and tired of all the corruption, greed, lies, and unethical (and probably unlawful) business practices of much of the private sector as well as the corruption, greed, lies, and unethical and unlawful behavior in the public sector (the U.S. government) -- especially the legal, financial, and political aspects of it. I personally saw the collapse of 2008 coming six years ahead of time and got as ready for it as I possibly could. I don't know how some people can't see these patterns as clearly as I do especially the alleged "journalists" in the mainstream, corporate-owned and controlled media.

I think so many Americans are lost in their own self-made delusions and addictions to false narratives, logical fallacies, emotional appeal, non-sequitur talking points from politicians and so-called "business leaders" (leading people astray is more like it) that Americans seem to have allowed themselves to become sheep for the slaughter -- making themselves victims of Stockhom Syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger Effect, too. 

In short, I wrote this song to tell the story of finance, greed, corruption, and power gone bad in the United States of America and the guy in the music video who gets taken advantage of by everyone else (I play the "guy" in the video) represents the everyday American trying to do good, be good, play by the rules, be a good citizen, etc. only to be conned out of everything he worked for, and then some. I believe We The People need to wake up en masse to the revolution that IS taking place right now with people who are mad as hell and are NOT going to take it anymore.

People are realizing that the billionaire class, the political class, and the establishment aren't against socialism for themselves. They just want a monopoly on it and they absolutely don't want socialism for anyone else. How gauche is that?

Well, We The People are waking up to the fact that when the establishment makes an "error in accounting" it's We The People who end up bailing them out -- and from now on We The People are demanding that the establishment can no longer privatize their profits all to themselves while socializing the costs onto the American taxpayer (with the establishment exempted from having to pay their own tax bill, domestically, of course).

We The People also understand that when the establishment attempts, yet again, to talk down to us and patronize us with all their pretentiousness and presumptuousness they can muster, We The People call that #EstablishmentSplaining and it's not allowed. You can't do that anymore.

We're on to you, and you're not getting away with murder anymore. If corporations are people, we're letting you know right now that you've murdered our "people" long enough and therefore we are going to return the sentiment with the powerful nonviolence of voting FOR (not against) We The People at the next elections. Yes, plural. 

As a free and thinking American with all the rights and privileges I am constitutionally entitled to, I was not born to conform to YOUR narrative, YOUR perceptions, YOUR interpretations, YOUR way of life, or to suit YOUR needs as YOU define them, establishment.

What I know for sure about this moment in history is this: poor is the establishment who stand before a people who want nothing from it. You know the establishment is mentally ill and suffers greatly from psychosis when they actually believe that ending war is more violent, costly, and destructive than continuing with endless wars. And how "democratic" can the democratic party be when they go on and on about equal rights and equality but still covertly operate under the highly UN-democratic hierarchy of the establishment they helped build and are a part of?

The republican party is no different. They preach all about individual liberty and "freedom to" (as opposed to "freedom from"), but they only want you to experience the individuality, freedom, and liberty as they define it for you -- against your own best interests but for their own best interests. This is not freedom or liberty. It's slavery on the plantation writ large. 

Finally, when the establishment treat you like they don't care, believe them. And, to everyone in the establishment, hear this: when We The People treat the establishment like we don't care, just know that we don't. Don't even care, don't even care. Karma.

Click the VEVO logo below to watch MONEY now, on VEVO...

Click the VEVO logo below to watch MONEY now, on VEVO...