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"I use sound reason and logic — which aren’t sexy to a lot of people and they haven't been the “in” thing to do for a long time, but that's the only way I know how to go about being successful and teaching others how to be successful.

I use and teach what works and what's practical, rational, logical, reasonable, reliable, easy to replicate, easy to practice, and is inspiring, fulfilling, and results-oriented. If some part of it just isn’t working for you, it’s able to be modified — because it’s about the science of what works in present-day reality rather than a religion of what we dream, talk, or fight about but can only be a fantasy confined to the mind."

- David Scotland


What is the David Scotland Podcast? It's is an online radio show/podcast that some people have described as sometimes raw, sometimes shocking, and yet wickedly entertaining, inspiring, intelligent, and informative. Your host, David Scotland, has over 20 years of business experience (read full bio here) in business marketing, sales, training, management, development, positioning, branding, promotions, PR, media, production and performance, from working for Fortune 100 companies for ten years in his 20s as an employee (regional training manager), to working with the Fortune 500, 100, and 50, ever since, as an entrepreneur and business owner of his own company, David Scotland Media. 

Why does David do this podcast? Unfortunately, the world of business, marketing, sales, training, coaching, consulting, speaking, self-help, self-improvement, etc., is overflowing with all kinds of unscrupulous types -- fakes, frauds, freaks, and other highly nefarious and unethical charlatans, coaches, and motivational speakers, and other snake oil salesmen. These members of the establishment are constantly pushing onto an unsuspecting public what seems to be the latest and greatest (and often overpriced, ineffective, and damaging) marketing and sales advice, bogus business-building schlock, fake management "science" practices, and other garbage designed to be needlessly confusing, overly difficult, ridiculously expensive, far too time-consuming, downright ineffective, or a combination of all five.

David does these podcasts not only to expose a lot of the the lies, myths, and other nonsense out there by spending some time explaining how the establishment is really just promoting their own various RELIGIONS (rather than proven SCIENCE), but he then spends time on teaching how you can undo any damage done in terms of the opportunity cost (i.e.: like expended time, effort, energy, attention, money, and life, itself) by learning about and using solutions that actually work FOR you so you can just get on with it, already. 

David is passionate about not just exposing the ton of establishment B.S. that's out there, but he's also passionate about helping you discern between advice that works for you versus advice that works against you -- and how to discern between establishment "RELIGIONS" (i.e.: talking points, bogus narratives, fake conflict, false belief systems) versus real-world SCIENCE when it comes to marketing, sales, management, branding, PR, promotions, performance, productivity, profits, etc. 

What's in it for me, the listener? Listening to the podcast is quick, easy, energizing, thought-provoking, and a practical way of accessing what David knows without having an in-person consult. You will learn about how to stop falling for programs that sound great but don't work, those allegedly "secret" or "magical" money-making schemes, woowoo hocus pocus formulas, and other establishment nonsense out there that is all about tricking you out of your money instead of providing accurate, honest, sound, relevant, reliable, credible, SCIENCE-based advice.  Instead, learn from and use David's guidance that has been proven to work time after time, by hundreds of happy clients and customers throughout his years of work (read testimonials here), regardless of the industry, company, product, service, brand, or budget.

David uses the podcast as one of several platforms to shed the light of TRUTH on how to achieve optimum personal and professional success. By listening to each episode of the David Scotland Podcast, you will be able to absorb over 20+ years worth of biz wisdom in record time so that you can cut through the BS and experience the absolute fastest way to reach your goals for personal and professional success. When he was consulting, he regularly charged a minimum of $10,000/month per client just for consulting and that didn't include other fees for extras like project management, producing, directing, writing, etc. which often got him anywhere from $20,000 - $40,000 per month or even from $400,000 - $700,000 per year depending on the project -- proving that his knowledge and experience have value and are gounded in reason, practicality, efficacy, efficiency, productivity, profitability, and fulfillment.

Okay, but how is this podcast different from all the others? The truth is, while there are many different kinds of methods and FORMS of the CRAFT of CREATING success, there are no FORMULAS -- especially "secret" formulas that claim to work "almost like magic." David's podcast is about doing what works based on 20+ years of truth, facts, hard work, and results. It is NOT about performing a false narrative or parroting the establishment talking points and mythology overflowing with logical fallacies, cognitive biases, psychological triggers, or anything ineffective, unproductive, unprofitable, or downright unethical. No one else has David's track record of experience, results, ongoing learning and knowledge, or all the hundreds of happy and successful customers. But don't take their word for it, see for yourself.

So here's the bottom line... For what it's worth, David is anti-establishment, he's against the tricks and traps that are hyped and sold out there, he's a huge Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporter (he was the producer and screenwriter for a documentary film -- with Professor Elizabeth Warren before she became Senator -- about the credit card industry's unscrupulous and unethical tactics), he is also an INTJ on the Meyer's-Brigg's personality profile with a MENSA-tested IQ of 167, and he's all about integrity, honesty, ethics, lawfulness, facts, and sharing his "wicked wisdom and raw biz truth" when it comes to how to become truly happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise in your personal and professional life.

If you want to go about making progress the hard way, go look at what unsuccessful people and then don't do it. If you want to make progress the easy way, then humble yourself and be able to take direction, allow yourself to be coached, and be able to receive so that you make progress with positive forward-moving energy instead of remaining in your comfort zone where you're in a state of being negating, stagnant, and stuck -- that same comfort zone you know you don't like, you know you're sick and tired and bored of, and the only reason why you stay in it is because it's familiar and you think that's neat. Well, as David would say, "get off your dead ass, get out of the audience, and get up on the stage! The world is waiting for your performance so are you gonna actually DO IT or not?"