1. Stop trying to be good
  1. Stop trying to do great things
  1. Stop trying to change (or help) “them,” the world, or “the system”
  1. Stop trying to make a difference (or “make the world a better place”)
  1. Stop trying to make “them” understand
  1. Stop trying to get the haters, trolls, invalidators, influencers, etc. to like you or validate, acknowledge, or approve of you or pay attention to you
  1. Stop trying to explain your “brand” or your “mission” (or why you’re “right”) to everyone
  1. Stop trying to find your “it” or your “purpose”
  1. Stop trying to please everyone
  1. Stop trying to fix the world


NOTE: you can also add the words “…and then tell everyone that you’re working on that” to each item on the list — for all who are obsessed with telling people (especially on social media) your every move. 

The paradox is, when you stop doing those 10 things, the “real stuff” actually stands a chance at finally showing up in your consciousness, your awareness, your heart and mind, and thus in your life.

The real stuff can start showing up in ways you can be more easily aware of instead of trying to figure shit out (and incessantly telling everyone about it) in ways that actually work against your own best interests because they end up causing you (and others) unnecessary stress, frustration, doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. 

These emotions, by the way, tend to be the filter you look through as your starting place when you try to do those 10 things on the list — and that’s exactly the wrong starting point to be or do anything good or great or new or better. 

Another reason to stop doing those 10 things is because you’ll probably be able to start seeing life (and the world and your place in it, not to mention everyone else) from a clearer and more realistic, more rational point of view. You’ll be more grounded, better prepared, and more enthusiastic to embrace the real stuff, too. You’ll have more energy to be it and do it, too.

When you stop doing those 10 things here’s what will most likely show up: what you actually WANT to be and WANT to do based on what you CAN be and what you CAN do, and what you would most likely LOVE to be and do (because you’re ALREADY good/great at being it and doing it).

When we try to do those 10 things on the list (that we need to stop doing) our heart and mind and gut are blinded by these seemingly “do-gooder” filters that are actually bullshit and causing us (and others) to see the world as a shitty place to begin with. In other words, if your starting place is that you’re going to try to do those 10 things, then you’ll tend to see the world through shit-colored glasses. 

That’s not a good premise from which to build a good foundation for anything good or great. Wipe the slate clean, first, and start from there. No more shit, no more shitty filters. Start clean.

Then do the things that seem boring and mundane but are actually necessary, required, and needed. Do them with excellence. There’s no better foundation to start from than that.