This Exclusive Workshop is Ideal for...

Sales and marketing professionals; coaches, consultants, trainers; professional practitioners; authors, writers, experts, speakers; creatives, artists, actors, musicians, performers; entrepreneurs, small to large business owners; leaders, managers, and corporate personnel; teachers & school administrators; licensed professionals in the legal, medical, finance industries; freelancers and solopreneurs; health & wellness practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors, fitness trainers, nutritionists, energy healers; counselors, advisors, therapists, psychologists... and anyone wanting to increase and maximize their own productivity, profitability, and performance excellence no matter the product, service, brand, or business and regardless of the level of experience, expertise, or budget. 

What People Are Saying

"One of your strategies quadrupled my internet sales in just 4 weeks! One of the first strategies you developed for me turned an $80 expenditure into $11,000 in just 30 days. After that I kept doubling my internet income every month and now I'm making more from my internet sales than I ever thought possible. I'm glad I've sought your easy-to-understand sales and marketing expertise... you’ve made me tons of money, and have shown me how to reach my customers and retail partners with ease -- and you accomplish it all with little or no cash outlays, spot-on perfect judgment and bullet-proof insight. I highly recommend him to you."

 ~ Bill Vaughn, President and Owner Earthcare Products

"David, I will never forget the instrumental role you played in making the conference so memorable! You were the hit of the conference. We all had so much fun! I salute you in making this conference OUTSTANDING!"

~ DISNEY, Disney’s "Be Our Guest" Professional Development Conference for Industry and Educators

"I wanted to thank you for your flawless planning and successful execution of the Art for Humanity event. Marketing Experts International was a joy to work with. It is exciting to meet people with your conviction to give back to the community. Portland Habitat for Humanity is fortunate to have two very talented men take an interest in our mission."

~ Erika Kennel - Portland Habitat for Humanity, Development

“Thank you, David, for working so hard for us by breaking the rules and then coming up with these new systems that actually work — savings us millions of dollars, and by increasing productivity, profitability, and by turning the worst store in the company into the #1 store for sales profits, inventory control, labor management, and productivity… not to mention all your new training programs! All of us at Starbucks are very lucky to have your expertise.”

~ Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

About David Scotland

Entrepreneur, Producer, Director, Writer, Performer, Artist, Musician, Provocateur, INTJ, Master Strategist, Marketing and Sales Trainer, Menace to Mediocrity, Bodacious Boddhisattva

David Scotland is the CEO and Executive Producer of David Scotland Media -- a company that stands for "Good People Doing Good Things for Good Reasons" by teaching people in new and unique ways how to increase & maximize marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, productivity, profitability, and overall performance.

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Peforming with EXCELLENCE = Getting SUCCESSFUL Results

Your Performance is the Single Most Important Factor When It Comes to Increasing & Maximizing Your Marketing, Sales, Profits, Media, PR, Branding, Creativity, Productivity, Profitability, Credibility, Reputation, Sustainability, Customer Engagement and Loyalty. 

HOW WELL You Perform = HOW MUCH You Succeed

The QUALITY of Your Performance affects Every Single Aspect of Your Business and Professional Life Whether It's in Entrepreneruship, Leadership, Management, or as the CEO, COO, CMO, or as the Expert, Author, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Presenter, Professional Practitioner, etc.

Your PERFORMANCE Demonstrates Your VALUE

because Performance is About Being 100% "ON BRAND" 100% of the Time.

Who You Are, What You Do, and How & Why You Do It Are Already Impacting the P&L

Whether You Know It or Not Because You're Either "ON BRAND" or You're Not

Performances Are Carefully Crafted PRODUCTIONS

We Can Show You How to Produce Your Own Best Performance When It Comes to

Maximizing & Increasing Marketing, Sales, Profits, Media, PR, Creativity, Vision, Productivity, Profitability, Credibility, Reputation, Sustainability, Customer Engagement & Loyalty.

What We Can (and Won't) Do For You

We Show You How to Perform Your Best... ON PURPOSE

Performing at one's best -- whether in life or in business -- requires more than willpower and good intentions or merely tweaking a logo, copy, design, the people you choose to work with or customers you choose to serve. Like any professional performer, it requires going through a process in which you RECEIVE DIRECTION, consciously and intentionally PRACTICE your performance, and then PERFORM your powerful performance in ways that allow the "audience" to give you their REACTION & RESPONSE the way you want them to react and respond so you get the applause, maybe a standing ovation, and they keep coming back for more. NOTE: we won't perform your performance for you -- because we can't perform your performance. Only you can do that and we'll provide direction along the way.

"People will pay what you want them to pay, when your performance is performed in the right way."  ~ David Scotland

The "performer" can be you, your brand, your company, or your product, service, or idea. The "performer" is also your marketing, media, PR, branding, credibility, and reputation. The "audience" of your brand, business, product, service, or idea includes your customers, clients, JV partners, vendors, affiliations, association memberships, stakeholders, shareholders, investors, board members, management, partners, employees, etc. And think about it: without the POWER OF YOUR PERFORMANCE all the "big data" don't mean anything. In fact, all the "big data" you can measure is second to performance. Why? Because performance is the cause, big data is the effect of that cause and the effects can be measured. But without the performance to begin with (a powerful one, preferably), all the big data don't mean diddly squat. 

Performance comes first, big data comes second -- because big data are about the effects of what your performance causes the audience to do which big data sets out to measure.

But most people don't really know what to think about what they're doing, how to go about the process, or what order different "performances" have in their business, and that's because most people don't use a good process because they don't know a better process. They're "just getting by" or they wait until it's too late. Sound familiar?

That's because, unfortunately, most people would rather remain (and complain) in their comfort zone that isn't working for them instead of doing something that works better (because then they're be wrong and/or they'd also have to humble themselves and start doing what works better).

So they spend their days, weeks, months, and years performing in unconscious and/or incompetent ways or use methods and habits that move them away from or against achieving what they want to achieve, and then they wonder why they're not getting the results they say they want. BUT JUST HANG ON! It's not all your fault. There's a better way...

That's where we come in. We love showing success-minded individuals, groups, and companies how to give their own powerful performances that are in their own best interests, that move them TOWARDS their goals (vs away from them), so they can get great results.