BREAK THE SPELL - Cold and Flu Protection by David Scotland

Here's Exactly What's Inside:

  • 20+ KEY FOODS TO AVOID during cold & flu season so you don't get worse and can heal faster and easier with less suffering from symptoms of cold & flu...
  • 85+ KEY FOODS TO ENJOY during cold & flu season that will DRAMATICALLY help speed up healing time, decrease symptoms, and strengthen your immune system so that you heal faster & easier
  • 16 KEY supplements to have on hand at all times and then use during cold & flu season (PLUS 2 of my FAV brands and formulas)
  • 10 Steps to Better Care the basics that'll keep you covered
  • The NUKE IT NOW "4-PART FORMULA" I've used that really does help you heal faster & easier!
  • The #1 “SECRET” best indicator of GOOD patient outcomes
  • 11 "Essentials" to have on hand and use during cold & flu season that are "tried and true!"
  • My TOP 5 Best Recommendations for Powerfully Healing Beverages
  • Huge Collection of KEY Common Sense Tips, Hacks, and Stacks you can start using NOW
  • Best tips for a stuffy nose
  • The WEIRD TRICK you should do for at least 2 minutes
  • The TOP 11 TRADITIONAL remedies to use in a pinch (if you must, but sparingly)
  • The SURPRISING drug-free remedy for sinus congestion that REALLY WORKS!
  • The 1 TOXIC and SNEAKY "INGREDIENT" you need to avoid -- because it's been shown to contribute to an onset of diabetes, UTI, IBS, SIBO, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, colon cancer, heart problems, stroke, Alzheimers, and more bad stuff
  • The perfect soothing “bath recipe”
  • 7 things I do NOT recommend for BETTER SLEEP
  • 6 things I highly recommend for getting BETTER SLEEP
  • 3 Healing Methods (with supplements) you might want to try if you haven't, yet, and they're part of the BIGGEST health & wellness trend GLOBALLY right now!
  • My own personal recommendations for additional Do's and Don'ts to help make your healing journey faster, easier, and smoother during cold & flu season
  • 5 supplements I do NOT recommend because I don’t think they work at all (at least not for me)

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