What’s on YOUR “to do” and “not to do” lists for 2017?

I made it all the way through the first day of 2017 WITHOUT paying any attention to ANY news — on TV, radio, print, web, etc. ZERO! And, while the day isn’t over yet, it doesn’t seem that the universe is going to blow up and destroy us all… just because I made the decision to NOT pay attention to the news. The media. The TV. The radio.

Well, actually, I don’t even get TV — something my screenwriting teacher suggested about ten years ago. I don’t miss TV at all. Look! I’m still here! Doing better than ever, too. Today I also did NOT go anywhere I didn’t REALLY want to go to. I did NOT “kill time” because of some emotional reaction I was having to someone or something. I did NOT binge eat — like I did for about two weeks after the results came in from the electoral college about the Presidential election. I ate for two weeks without doing much else. LOL! I had never done that before, either. But now I’m over it. Moving on. Moving FORWARD!

Consider what you will be doing for 2017… and what you won’t be doing. What (or who?) are you going to “remove” from your life? Who would you like to bring into your life? Can you go about all this consideration without judging anyone or anything — but instead think of it as being not so different than realizing that the “old road” you used to travel is no longer open for travel… maybe it’s being repaired and will be closed indefinitely… or maybe it washed away in a flood or disappeared in an earthquake. Either way, you can’t go down that same old road anymore. Luckily, there are all kinds of paths to move towards your goals… as well as there being many paths to move away from whomever or whatever you want to move away.

If it helps, think about moving through 2017 as a road trip and you can only take so much with you. You can’t take everything… so what are you going to leave behind? What will you gather up and keep? What will you accumulate? What will you throw out? Move the energy. Move your mind. Move your body. Move your life.

Starting now, everything IS moving forward. Are you at peace with the pace or not? How will you handle challenges this year — will you handle them with peace and calm and mindfulness or will you resort to mind games, drama, and all your ego nonsense? What ways are you looking forward to growing in? What do you want to learn more about? What will you realize you’re NOT missing out on? Who will you realize ISN’T the right person to be in your life? Who will you realize IS the right person to be in your life? What’s up with your money? Your health? Your relationships? Your mind, body, soul, and spirit? Your business?

Just food for thought… make your lists… “what I’m going to do” and “what I’m not going to do anymore” and, if you have the guts to discover what it actually takes to have and enjoy MORE freedom for yourself, maybe you’ll be discilpined enough to keep track of your progress. Hmmm?

Think about it.