It’s Here… But Only If You WILL Receive It…

Happy New Year’s DAY, everyone! This year, for me, is all about enjoying the wisdom I’ve learned, have practiced, and am now getting ready for the next levels of ongoing mastery… of my own mind, body, soul, and life. It’s very simple, actually. Be aware of what thoughts you’re having and the emotional reactions to those thoughts. Do you WANT to experience those thoughts and the reactions to them? If yes, great. If not, then only YOU can “mind” your own mind and choose to react differently. Who you are and how you go about living your life (and how, and why, etc.) is just as unique as your own DNA, your fingerprints, the way you look, sound, etc.

I encourage you to stop trying to “fit in” and stop wanting/needing approval, applause, laughs, hugs, sex, companionship, conversation, drama, fun, etc. with ANYONE at all. Stop “needing” to need whomever or whatever you think it is that you need. Stop “needing” your dreams and goals to come true. That doesn’t mean you stop working towards, them, however (if you really want to live them instead of dream them). Here’s what I mean: let’s say you get in your car because you WANT to go to the store to get groceries. You know how to drive, you know the way to the store, you know everything there is to know about you going to the store to buy groceries, safely, and then come home. Period. But here’s the thing: while you’re en route to the store, do you actually OBSESSS over the whole notion of merely “needing” to get to the store… or do you just get in the car and GO?

How about when you “need” to take a shower in the morning before work or whatever. You just “do it” don’t you? You don’t obsess about “needing” to take a shower and react emotionally to that alleged “need,” right? Hopefully not. If you do, get therapy… and just do it. Stop going over and over and over the same stupid thoughts and the same stupid reactions to those thoughts. Get out of your LOOPS and get into your LIFE.

How many of you want to go to the “next level” in your life or business or goals, dreams, etc. — but the reality is that you do more obsessing over your own thoughts and your reactions to those thoughts than actually DOING THE TASKS THAT NEED TO BE DONE to get the job done? Do you even KNOW what needs to be done to accomplish your goals? Ask for help. Be willing to pay for it. Your “hunger” is a very real human need for survival, right? Well, we all agree to pay for food when we get it from someone else like a store or restaurant, right? So, why would you make LEARNING something new the “special case” that shouldn’t be paid for? LEARN!

Final words: looking at bodybuilding magazines isn’t the same thing as going to the gym and lifting weights. Looking at porn isn’t the same thing as making love to/with a real, live human being who wants to do that with you. Reading cook books and drooling over the pictures isn’t the same thing as eating that food, cooking that food, or learning how to be a chef. What EXACTLY do you REALLY want to do in this moment? Be clear about it. And then realize that DOING A TASK has no inherent “judgment” in it or emotions or feelings. It’s just a task — and if YOU don’t do it, someone else will. They will be closer to achieving the reality of having DONE it while you’re still meandering around in your mind about “stuff” and your feelings and emotions, etc. Staring at the candle doesn’t light the candle, and it doesn’t blow it out, either.

What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Go do it. Go be it. Right now, in this moment, and stop allowing your mind to get into obsessing over what it “thinks” about who you are and what you’re doing while you’re doing it. None of that has anything to do with getting the task done. You’re either going to the store or you’re not. And in the meantime your midn will most likely go through all kinds of different thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, knowings, reactions, responses, judgments, etc., and ALL OF THAT STUFF happens inside your mind and NOT in the car’s engine (you know, the thing that make the car GO somewhere?). THe engine doesn’t care about what your mind goes into. And neither do most intelligent go-getter people who DO know how to make their dreams come true. Your opinions about who you think I am are 100% irrelevant to Who I Am and What I Do. Go that?

Go live YOUR life. If we don’t share more in common than not, I do not care (and will definitely not obsess over) to pay attention to you one bit. If we are not choosing to agree on common values (of what WE will “take care of” together in co-creating), than we are NOT going to do anything together. Life is a series of agreements about what we will CHOOSE to pay attention to, how we will perceive it, give it meaning, and then behave. From now on, if we don’t share MORE in common than not, I will not do anything with you. Period.

This is WHY my life works and it’s also why a lot of people want what I’ve got (a life I LOVE) but they’re unwilling to go through what I went through to have it (and enjoy it, of course).

It CAN be a HAPPY NEW YEAR every single day for the rest of your life… but only if you pay attention ONLY to the what it takes to do that. Most people have very undisciplined minds and they are slaves to their mind going all over the place as well as their emotional reactions to those thoughts. Those people are in a perpetual orbit living a life they claim they don’t really like or want… but what are they doing about it? NOTHING! BUH-BYE! You’re in charge of your “orbit” because YOU are the one in it. Not me.

Some of you have asked for a lot.

Do you WANT it or not???

That’s all.