How Much Baggage Are You STILL Lugging Around From Years That Are NOT 2017?

We’re barely into the NEW YEAR of 2017… and I’m going to ask you a question: How much baggage are you still lugging around from years that are NOT 2017? I’m talking about UNHEALTHY baggage, not the intelligent, healthy, ethical, loving, productive KNOWLEDGE and MEMORIES we use for all things good.

How many of you are just too frickin’ obsessive — wasting valuable time (you don’t PAUSE your life like the DVD player or a streaming audio or video just because YOU want to obsess over something, you know)… and wasting that valuable time on stuff that doesn’t NEED to be obsessed over? So many people are stuck in their heads when they need to get out into the world. It’s as if more and more people have “anticipatory anxiety” — the fear of starting something new and potentially life-changing… in a GOOD way!

I used to be one of those people… and it was difficult to get over because I was pretty darned accurate in my assessments of what was going on… and I wanted (loved, actually) to figure out as many solutions as was practially possible to come up (how’s THAT for rationalization and justification?). The thing is: we give everything we see all the meaning we would have it be. Sometimes the meaning we give to people, stuff, situations, circumstances, events, etc. is entirely our own unique personal “meaning” and interpretation of their existence… however, unless we FACT CHECK our projections/assumptions/hallucinations… (imagine FACT CHECKING! Radical idea, huh?)… then we our literally operating under a spell of our own making.

Here’s something else to think about… when you MAKE TIME to think about what you’re thinking about…

“Do not ascribe to your brother a role you think would bring happiness to you and then do not try to hurt him when he fails to take the part in what you dream your life was meant to be.”

How’s THAT for a finely-tuned new vantage point on the golden rule, huh?

All those “roles” you ascribe to people, places, events, things, stuff, etc. are YOUR meanings you’ve made up. And you carry them around. A lot. For years. Still carrying them around! Well, how much baggage are you still lugging around from years that are NOT 2017?

It’s time to MAKE TIME to really look at exactly what you’ve BEEN carrying around and what you ARE carrying around. If your life feels sluggish, heavy, slow… if it feels like you’re barely plodding along… as if you’re trying to run or walk but that load of 27 2-TON BAGS you’re carrying around are sort of, you know, preventing you from soaring… then consider putting some (or all) of it down.

And WHEN the rationalizations and justifications and excuses come up… LIKE A WALL… (because that’s just what the mind does), ask yourself this: WHO is asking me to carrying this crap around?

Because the more you carry the bigger the WALL you’re building around who you really are and what you really want to do… and the very people who could help you or want to help you or love you or play with you or hire you or promote you or date you or create with you can’t see you or hear you or even get the right energetic signal from you… because of that wall you’ve built around yourself so darned well… a wall that has NOTHING to do with being who you were born to be, doing what you were born to do.

Put the baggage down, and let the walls come down. It’s okay to “love one another” (remember that? The line WASN’T “wall off one another” and it most certainly wasn’t “be highly suspicious and afraid of one another and therefore build walls around yourselves to fortify your made-up FALSE beliefs about one another and thus continue the fear-based, confclit-based, sadism/masochism-based, and war-based paradigm [with its attendant legal and financial and social systems that go with it — more pathetic attempts at justification, rationalization, excuses, and normalization] that just because you thought of it… your mind thinks, wrongly, that it’s infalliable, rationalized, justified, and perfect. But it’s not.)

Think about it. And put it down. Thanks.