HOW Are You Creating It?

After learning some lessons about who I am and how I WANT to go about this thing called life (and creating in it), I seem to be going about things in simpler ways — I think when one hits a critical mass of knowledge and experience (practiced and tested and refined over many years), then one gets to a point of efficiency. At this point, one can be more productive, profitable, etc. And that leads me to this very quick bit of wisdom for this very short post about: HOW are you creating whatever it is you’re creating?

For the last few months (and, therefore, now going into 2017…) I have developed a better way of going about doing what I do (I’m always refining. It’s what I do. LOL!), and that has led me to realize something pretty simple about what’s required for me to want to do things (before I actually do them) whether I do them alone or with others:

  1. Is it peaceful?
  2. Is it productive?
  3. Is it profitable?

I’m SO done with negative, destructive, chaotic, unhappy, mean, nasty, stupid, boring, angry, dysfunctional, unethical, unloving, unhealthy, unintelligent, etc., drama from anyone no matter who it is. Don’t even care, don’t even care. Everyone has a story, and frankly, I’m kind of tired of hearing about everyone’s stories, everyone’s big dreams, goals, etc., and everyone’s grand plans — when SO MANY of those same people probably don’t even vote… for their best interests. Know what I mean? They’re all talk, all drama, and no goodness or progress.

So many people just want to be heard, validated, paid attention to, yada yada yada, and that’s their thing. It’s not mine. I’m an introvert, so it’s probably a bit different… I “recharge” by being alone, not by sucking the life out of everyone around me with some overweening ego need for attention and some form of “look at me! … AGAIN!” Granted, I love an audience too, but only when I want one. I don’t NEED one in order to feel happy while performing (some of my best performances were at home, alone. So there. LOL!). No more drama. What a waste! It MUST be peaceful.

By productive I mean that it has to allow me to experience positive, forward-moving energy with some kind of progress made. If the CHOICE is to make chocolate chip cookies and the ingredients are needed, then it shouldn’t take FOREVER to go to the darned store, buy the ingredients, and then come home and make the cookies. Some people take FOREVER to do certain things and part of my new requirements include this “rider” about being productive — it has to ACTUALIZE in a reasonable amount of time… and at least in the amount of time it takes ME to do it.

Think about it: if you’re at a masters-degree or PhD-level of something (literally or metaphorically), you’re not going to entertain anyone below your own level of consciousness and competence as far as being on the team of co-creators, goes. When you’re at PRO level, you CAN’T co-create with amateurs who are still starry-eyed at all the wrong stuff because they’re still stuck in the CONSUMER mindset instead of the PRODUCER mindset. A PRODUCER is one who is PRODUCTIVE. Hello!

By profitable, it can mean money but it can also mean anything else I’d like to receive — something tangible or intangible, concrete or abstract, more emotion-based or it could be more intellectually-based.

Those are my three Ps for 2017. They work for me. Maybe they’ll work for you, too!