DREAMING vs LIVING… Your Dreams (and what it takes!)

You want help? You want someone who knows MORE than you to help you with your dream? Pay your dues like everyone else. God knows I did. And I PAID it with time, effort, energy, attention, money, and my life. If you’re consistently distracted and incapable or unwilling to focus on what you want to achieve, just know this: you are in CONTEXT with other people who WILL laser-focus in ways that are better, faster, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable than you are WILLING to do… and they will NOT stop to listen to your lame-ass tales of bullshit that have nothing to do with WHAT IT TAKES to actually get shit done.

If YOU don’t know how to do something, that’s YOUR problem, NOT MINE. Wake the fuck up and take a cold hard look at how you SPEND your time, effort, energy, attention, money, and life… if you’re not where you want to be… you are the ONLY one responsible for being in charge of the choices and decisions you make and the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, knowings, and behaviors you perform. Japanese painting masters spend 20 to 40 YEARS practicing what it takes to paint a perfect circle in one brushstoke. What the heck are YOU “painting” with YOUR life… a canvas of scattered splatters? Piddled piss? Running oozes of watered-down paint? Sorry, Too late. That’s all been done. And the FIRST PERSON to do each of those is the one who gets the credit, the money, the everything. Not Johhny (or Joanne) come lately.


Here they are (if anyone out there actually CARES or has INTEREST or CURIOSITY anymore… anyone? ANYONE?)…

Scattered splatters? Done. Jackson Pollock.

Piddled piss? Done. Andy Warhol.

Running oozes of watered-down paint? Done. Morris Louis.


THE MORAL? Far too many people in life WASTE their own time, effort, energy, attention, money, and life IMAGINING THE PAINTING instead of getting off your god-damned ASS and painting it.