Without dragging all of 2016’s reasons why I’m doing this, let’s just call it what it is: overload. I’m fed up with seeing media that doesn’t make sense, that isn’t factual, that doesn’t have anything to do with my own personal/professional life, and that, frankly, is so overflowing with bullshit that I can’t think of a reason why I should watch it and put all the junk into my mind… where it will sit and start to rot and then spread to everything else. I’d start dreaming about it, I’d start making decisions and life choices based on my emotional reactions to all that junk… in short I would have everything in my world rotate around the seemingly all-important “MEDIA” gods of news, etc.

My life has never rotated around that crap.

I’m on a media fast — I’ve dropped it cold turkey. Gone. Zip. Nada. Nothing. OUT!!!

I don’t miss it at all. With all that mind space (and time) freed up, I now focus on what I really want to do with my mindspace (and time). I no longer feel the urge/craving to binge on news and try to keep up with everything that’s going on… I mean, it’s not as if any news network is about to call me up at any moment to get “my take,” my opinion, my recommendations on anything, you know? Consider exactly who is “in” the media anyway. It’s probably not you or anyone you know, and if you DO know them, just how much real power and influence do they have anyway? Let’s zoom ahead to make my point: not even the President of the United States has absolute power, control, and influence…over anyone, including YOU. So now that we’ve put YOU and anyone you know into perspective as to just how important y’all REALLY are to the media (NOT important at all, in other words)… perhaps it’s worth considering going on a media fast yourself…  starting now.

If you’re not on-call 24/7/365 to appear at any moment in the media AND ALSO appear in the legislature to make or change some laws that form the foundation of our manmade world we live in, then tell your precious, overweening ego to STFU and drop dead. NOBODY is that important or powerful or influential… and if they were, then ask yourself this: when you’re under the absolute power, influence, and control of somebody else, where’s FREEDOM in it???

Get it? Good. I have a very good, peaceful, POSITIVE look on the world, now, because paradoxically I’m NOT perceiving it through some media editor’s or producer’s FILTER of what THEY want me to perceive, of what meanings THEY give to “stuff” going on, and all THEIR infinite versions of what I “should” be doing with my life… are you getting this?

I love this “new” way of being in the world. I’ve cut out all news (amazingly enough the world didn’t blow up!). Last year I stopped paying attention to anyone and anything on social media that didn’t actively affect who I am and what I do (99% of all social media doesn’t “do it” for me, anyway). I am mindful of how I spend my time, effort, energy, attention, money, and my life. Basically, if someone or something — NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT IT IS — does NOT come from what I call the LOVE ZONE (the fruits of the spirit), then I don’t waste a trillionth of a second paying it/them any time, effort, energy, attention, money, or life. That’s THEIR “business” and not mine. Believe it or not, technology does not connect people “better” or “more” — it only gives us an opportunity to experience technology, itself, “better” or “more.” Think about that the next time you go on a binge with your smartphone, tablet, desktop or some other computer or whatever. I guess we have to include “watch” in that now, too. Stop paying so much attention to your watch/phone/radio/etc. LOL!!

WHO do you REALLY want to connect with? WHAT do you REALLY want to connect with? If you don’t OWN it, if you didn’t CREATE it, if you don’t MANAGE, CONTROL, INFLUENCE, or PRODUCE it, if you don’t reap the rewards of paying attention to it (i.e.: you’re one of the top shareholders or board members of the parent company that owns/operates/controls/manages the thing), then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!

Example (take a breath!): how many people live their life as a spectator? How many people go to sports games in an areana they don’t own, eating concessions (food & beverages) they don’t make money on, watching a team they don’t own, parking in a lot they don’t own, buying merch they don’t own, etc. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THAT? If you’re a spectator MOST of the time (versus only SOME of the time), then you might want to reconsider how you are going about living your life.

As you’ve read this (if you’re still reading it…), so much has happened in the world… in countries you’re not in, in “special report” news events you were not a part of, in companies you have nothing to do with, in transactions you had nothing to do with, in relationships you had nothing to do with, in crises and successes you had nothing to do with… and yet you’re still here. You’re still breathing. You still have free will. So… WHAT exactly are you going to do with this precious life of yours?

I feel like I’m on vacation in my life — the “less is more” philosophy is working WELL, so far, and I love it. For the last three days, I don’t have any idea what’s going on in this country I’m in (even though it’s the country I live in and had not left). And I’m still breathing. I have no idea what’s going on in the houses around me. And I’m still breathing. I have no idea (or urge) to “get involved” in local groups, communities, etc. — because I’m on vacation in this new land and it really does feel like I’m seeing it with new eyes for the very first time…

Why? Because of everything I’m NOT doing while I’m here. And this “way” of going about my life — at least for right now — feels AWESOME. It’s simplified. I haven’t “left behind” my responsibilities, either. I’ve simplified my life. And I want to do more. I like this new road A LOT. I hope you find yours. Go find it!