Hi, I'm David...

I'm a strategy analyst and former business consultant. I bring clarity to complexity and simplicity to needless complication... (translation: I speak truth to B.S. and fix broken businesses, mindsets, and behaviors with systems & methods that actually work). I did that for over 25 years (see client logos above and a few select testimonials below, too). 

Now, I love teaching workshops for people just like you as well as other individuals, small business owners, educators, coaches, consultants, professional practitioners -- and anyone genuinely interested in becoming personally or professionally more productive, profitable, healthy, happy, and prosperous -- using simple action steps and strategies that are both practical and powerful to create the results they truly want, with ease.

What People Are Saying...

“Thank you, David, for working so hard for us by breaking the rules and then coming up with these new systems that actually work — savings us millions of dollars, and by increasing productivity, profitability, and by turning the worst store in the company into the #1 store for sales profits, inventory control, labor management, and productivity… not to mention all your new training programs! All of us at Starbucks are very lucky to have your expertise.”

— Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

"David, I will never forget the instrumental role you played in making the conference so memorable! You were the hit of the conference. We all had so much fun! I salute you in making this conference OUTSTANDING!"

--DISNEY, Disney’s "Be Our Guest" Professional Development Conference for Industry and Educators

"One of your strategies quadrupled my internet sales in just 4 weeks! One of the first strategies you developed for me turned an $80 expenditure into $11,000 in just 30 days. After that I kept doubling my internet income every month and now I'm making more from my internet sales than I ever thought possible. I'm glad I've sought your easy-to-understand sales and marketing expertise... you’ve made me tons of money, and have shown me how to reach my customers and retail partners with ease -- and you accomplish it all with little or no cash outlays, spot-on perfect judgment and bullet-proof insight. I highly recommend him to you."

--Bill Vaughn, President and Owner Earthcare Products

"David brings together a visionary look at the 21st Century, forever changing the way we do business and the way we look at life. I love it so much that I bought copies (of his book) for all my employees! My elderly father takes his copy with him everywhere he goes. He loves to read it while sitting in the park."

--Bob Baron, President and CEO, Bass Industries

"Wow! In the universe, there are no accidents. Discovering David’s wisdom is proof that a higher intelligence always brings people together in peace."

--Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

"David, you are so right. People do not know the power of their own wisdom. You have found yours. Glad to know you."

--Gerry Spence, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Attorney

"David, you're a very kind gentleman with a very kind heart. Thank you."

--Dolly Parton, Grammy® Winner

"You're a generous and exceptional person to be doing this (charity event) for children with diabetes, and besides, you're fun to talk to."

--Trisha Yearwood, Grammy® Winner

"The spirit in which this book is published touched my heart... I hope the spirit of this book brings the same strength to you."

--Patricia Neal, Academy Award® Winner

"Thanks for being a part of this event and giving to a wonderful cause that helps children and heals the world. It's important."

--Kevin Kline, Academy Award® Winner

“Your business and film producing and story expertise just blows me away. Thanks for all the cool info, you really know your stuff. Dude, you’re awesome!”

--John Griber, Emmy® Winner

“David, you are SPECIAL!”

--Chita Rivera Tony® Winner

"The author has done a great job...way to go! I think what the author has said in this book is great and I would love to hear more of it. I like how he broke down the wisdom into easy chapters that relate to the important aspects of everyday life -- family, business, and the self."

--Writer's Digest

"If you want to discover all the really beautiful expressions of unconditional love, David has the solutions for you."

--Wisdom Radio

"The strength of this book is its use of humor, while challenging the reader to question, to explore openness without judgment."

--Benjamin Franklin Awards

"David, you're wonderful. You're marvelous. Your ideas can help solve many of the biggest problems we face in our world today."

--Burt Lee, on KTKT FM 90's "Talk of the Town"

"I think you are doing a very, very good thing with your book. I love it."

--Uri Geller, psychic-telekinetic, best-selling author on Talk America Radio Network's "Uri Geller's Parascience and Beyond"

"Your book is very, very well written. It's filled with great bits of wisdom from all over the world."

--David Rubin, on Talk America Radio Network's "Strange Universe"

“Unquestionably, I had already picked up that you are a very special soul...an old soul... with depth... and talent... and purpose and humor. I was fascinated to try to fathom the many "you's" in between the speakers and the many happenings of the conference. Your book is incredible – I was right about you! I feel a need to say thank you -- from the world. Apparently you have made manifest that which is in your soul for the world to benefit. So many of us have expressions longing to come out...to be birthed into physical form for others to benefit. You have done it -- apparently very well my friend -- congratulations and thank you on behalf of the many people who are uplifted and inspired by what you birth and make manifest.”

-- Dr. Melissa Andersson, ND, Ps.C., C.Ht, President: Tools for Transformation, LLC

"You're such a wonderfully upbeat and inspiring guest. The phones were ringing off the hook for more!"

--Jim Dawson, WPAW 99.7-AM, Vero Beach, Florida

"This book's in a class all by itself. For the first time in doing over twelve-thousand interviews, I'm at a loss for words! This book blew me away. I'm going to have to read it a second and third time – it's that deep. It ought to be used as a college 300-level course teaching students who they really are and why they're really here."
--Tony Trupiano, host of Talk America Radio Network's "The Tony Trupiano Show"

"David knows how to overcome fear."

--Scottsdale Tribune

"You were fabulous. I loved so much of what David said because it's refreshing, it's a little different, and it really speaks to love. Not "love" in the goopy-gooey way, but REAL love -- he tells it like it is. And that's what I love. His book helps you gain this wisdom. It's fascinating."
--PATRICIA RASKIN, host of the "Positive Living" Radio Show

"Our members are still talking about you! Your performance was dynamic and delightful."

--Barbra Grandfield, Treasurer, Manufactured Housing Communities of Washington

"You were a great hit and I have had many enthusiastic expressions of appreciation from our guests."

--Patricia J. Bishop, General Manager, Vice President, East Ridge Business Park

“He’s the most important artist of the 21st Century – he is today’s Robert Rauschenberg. Because he’s THAT important.”

--Dr. Eugene & Janice Ephron

“You have a gentle soul and your art is absolutely perfect. It warms my heart. Your art speaks of the light within and of new life!”
--Sascha Siegel, The Siegel Gallery of Chicago, White House design coordinator for President John F. Kennedy’s Oval Office and Personal Design Coordinator for First Lady Jackie Kennedy

“I love the movement, the excitement, the spirituality of your work. What a fabulous solo exhibition.”
--Beate Rusee, Board of Trustees, Oceanside Museum of Art

“Incredible art. Enjoyed it very much. David, whatever you want, please let me know and we’ll make it happen.” 

-- Morris Vance, Mayor of Vista, California

"I wanted to thank you for your flawless planning and successful execution of the Art for Humanity event. Marketing Experts International was a joy to work with. It is exciting to meet people with your conviction to give back to the community. Portland Habitat for Humanity is fortunate to have two very talented men take an interest in our mission."
--Erika Kennel - Portland Habitat for Humanity, Development