An Easy & Proven Way to Simplify the Process of Fixing & Healing Your Life While Creating & Enjoying Ongoing Success

Most experts, gurus, and the media make things needlessly complicated and/or complex, or they talk about things that aren't relevant, important, or real, and it leaves you feeling irritated, frustrated, more confused, or hopeless, or overwhelmed.

Let's change that. There's a much better way to go about fixing and healing your life and creating and enjoying better results. I can show you how.

Hi! I'm David! 

I'm a producer, former business consultant, trainer, musician, artist, creator, entertainer, and now I enjoy teaching people how to experience healing, positive transformation, and abundant manifestation in their life. 

I've also won piano competitions, written TV shows for Discovery, Disney, and A&E, I've healed my own terminal cancer after being told at 26 I had only 10 years to live, beat my clinical depression I had for 43 years, conquered a bunch of other emotional issues and demons, made $1.1-million in my first year as a business consultant, worked with the Fortune 100, A-list Hollywood stars, New York Times bestselling authors, small and mid sized business owners, and now I teach others the lessons I've learned so hopefully they don't have to go through what I went through to get to here (I've made the mistakes so you don't have to. LOL!)

Oh, and I love to laugh and be around people who are genuinely happy, grateful, thankful, appreciative, good, kind, productive, healthy, rational, fun, funny, sane, interesting and interested, passionate, and value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Welcome to my world!