Hi, my name is David and I am a teacher of how to have and enjoy personal and professional success on your own terms. I and my business partner built our own million dollar business -- and did it starting from scratch with no list, no email, no Facebook ads, no Google ads, no social media of any kind, no website, no "long copy" sales letters, no podcasts on iTunes or videos on YouTube. 

Instead, we did it using good ol' fashioned, in-person, marketing & sales systems and strategies that made $1.1-million in sales per year for us and millions more for our clients -- while also teaching hundreds of businesses and MBA students at Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount, and Middlesex University (UK) how to more effectively and profitably market and sell their products and services no matter what their product, service, brand, business, budget, or level of experience or expertise was.

Over the years my business partner and I have helped hundreds of business owners discover and use better solutions and systems for overcoming obstacles to growth and other issues by doing what it takes to increase & maximize productivity and profitability via better performance in marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, people management, reputation, sustainability, customer engagement and loyalty.

And now, we're building on all that to launch our next big thing...

After 10+ years of running a successful consulting business, I knew it was time to do something different, something deeper, more meaningful, and start something special and something I deeply believe is needed right now, at this time, more than ever, so I created Big Joy Media (BJM) with my business partner Randall Blaum.

BJM is an exclusive and premium personal & professional transformation company. We specialize in waking you up out of the dead, dry, "old book" of rules you've been using but don't benefit from anymore; and show you, instead, how to use a "new book" of better systems and strategies that can increase and maximize your productivity, profitability, and prosperity so you can have and enjoy personal and professional success in what is now a world turned upside down -- a world that is very unethical, immoral, unloving, uncaring, and unintelligent.

The fact is, 1% control the world, 4% are sellout puppets, 90% are asleep, 5% know and are trying to wake up the 90%, and the 1% don't want the 5% waking up the 90%. Everyone on this earth is in this situation. It is not an opinion. It is not a delusion. It is not an "alternative fact." It is a fact.

So we are doing something about it by inviting everyone with the "eyes to see and the ears to hear" to join us in doing our part to turn this very upside down world right-side up. We help Fortune 100 businesses, medium and small companies, individual entrepreneurs, mom-and-pops, authors, experts, trainers, coaches and consultants become more productive, profitable, and profoundly kind  by finding the sweet spot where who you're truly meant to be is congruent with what you're really meant to do -- and all of that overlaps with what works best for you, your business, your customers, and your communities, for a win-win-win-win-win.

Right now the 1% has set-up the world so that when they win, the rest of us lose. That's not just theft, people. That's raping and pillaging and the systematic destruction of America and the very American and human values of goodness.

This is about rebuilding what went wrong and what broke in our individual and collective hearts and minds. What went wrong was our individual and collective perceptions and behaviors took a detour into realms that are not who we are meant to be and are not what we are meant to do. That detour our individual and collective soul. It started breaking from the inside out, not the other way around (like the grand illusion would have us believe). So that's exactly how we're going to heal it -- from the inside out.

What goes on inside comes out eventually, and absolutely affects the P&L. We've proven it - without politics, without religion. Just good old fashioned GOOD values and GOOD behaviors. Because being good matters AND it also happens to make money. Lots!

Why are we doing this? Because "good people doing good things for good reasons" (our company motto) is the right thing to do, people. Because the time is now. Because we can't stay silent and wait for someone else to come and fix it like the experts, the politicians, the dead-weight 90% who are asleep about the 1%.

WE THE PEOPLE MUST FIX IT... Because "that's how America Works®"

We look forward to you joining us on this important adventure of a lifetime... 


Our intention with all our work is to be a light of knowledge and wisdom for others -- in a world that seems to be crazy AF, unfair, unkind, unloving, unhappy, angry, uncomfortable, unforgiving, confusing, stressful, depressing, negative, chaotic, insane, mean, uncaring, unethical, dark, stupid, ridiculous, wacky-busy, and many times also seeming to be without any hope or brightness of the future whatsoever. 

There's gotta be a different way.  GOOD NEWS! There is! We're teaching it!

I truly believe we are supposed to live, laugh, and love life by being all of who we really are -- by being our true nature, our authentic self, or what I like to call the soul’s own “original recipe.” Whether it's the soul of a person or the soul of a business, the soul has an "original recipe" that works... but only if you know what it is and actually use it. It is time to reclaim our soul, America. It's time to fix US.

So many people these days are trying to live their life or manage and run their business according to fake "rules" (usually without even knowing it). 

When you do that long enough, pretty soon cracks show up, then holes, then gaping holes, then all-out disaster and you end up wondering why your personal life, work life, relationships, health, wealth, happiness, and everything and everyone else in your life and/or business isn’t working out so well if it's even working at all. 

You end up stuck, discouraged, stressed out, depressed, burned out, depleted, pissed off, resentful, and many times you just shut down completely and become almost a non-entity -- like a shell of the person or business or country that could be operating at its full glorious power, but is now closer to being dead on the inside. I'm tired of seeing the living dead everywhere in this country. I'm tired of seeing people's hearts grow cold. It doesn't have to be this way. And we're proving it every single day with the people we work with. And you know what? IT'S WORKING!

Many people today look on the outside as if everything is going just fine while on the inside they're a mess. They're not being the real version of themselves, and it seems as if they've stopped caring about pretty much everything. They've fallen asleep and don't want to be the one to wake up, themselves, or wake up others.

Well, if you don't wake up then sooner or later you find out the hard way that life and work don't work for you when you live by rules that aren't meant for you or for your specific business. Your life and your work (and everyone and everything in it) will seem to go against you and everything you think you really want. That's what happens when you live and work by rules that the soul -- your soul or your business' soul -- just isn't "encoded" with in the first place. 

You gotta stop using rules, codes, techniques, methods, strategies, systems, and processes that actually work against you, your life, your relationships, and your work. And the country. And the world. There's a better way...

Because if it's not working for you, it's not working for others to be able to receive from you, either. When others aren't receiving from us, guess what? We're not going to receive from them, either. To spell it out: your health, your wealth, and your happiness run out until you're on empty and you can only run on fumes for so long until you stop.

Can you relate to this in any part of your life or business?

Maybe several parts of your life or business?

Do you think it's time to wake up and give up the BAD RULES that ain't working?

If you can (and be brutally honest!), then it's time to use what works for you and your business and not against you and your business.

That's where we can help.

I love teaching people how to awaken to their own soul's "code" by releasing "the old book" of all those old, tired, worn-out, broken down, negative, destructive, fake rules they've been living under for a long, long time... (rules from family, friends, work, media, society, stupid people, the manmade world, and even from your own subconscious/unconscious mind)... and instead live by "the new book" of their own soul's rules that work for them and not against them. 

One of my favorite things to do is helping people go through my in-person workshops and teaching them this powerful, transformational (and fun!) process I developed after years of learning some really difficult lessons, going through a lot of pain, but finally awakening to the "original recipe" of my own soul and the soul of my business. 

It takes personal "consciousness" and professional "growth" and business productivity & profitability to a whole new level (and, no, it's not woo-woo or B.S. -- it's all based on proven science and proven results.

It's the same process that helped me heal from being diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 26 and given 10 years to live -- but beating it successfully in the 7th year with no drugs, no chemo, no surgery, and no western medicine of any kind... and I'm still 100% cancer-free...

It's the same process that helped me heal from clinical depression that I had for 43 years and finally got rid of it once and for all in 2013 and have been living with genuine, real-deal inner peace, joy, and tranquility ever since... 

And it's the same process I've used with my business partner to build our successful million dollar business consulting for Fortune 100 companies, A-list Hollywood stars, small and medium sized businesses, and hundreds of mom-and-pops and solopreneurs who are making a positive difference in the world.


When you do this process, you awaken to and become conscious of "the old book" rules you've been living by and are then able to consciously choose "the new book" rules that your soul wants to live by... and the results allow you to have and enjoy your own personal & professional success... for new health, new wealth, and a brand new you.

Discovering your soul's own “original recipe” allows you to discover your life's true purpose, passion, and power. When you have all that going on, you WILL be prosperous. 

The process is fun, exciting, deep, inspirational, educational, life-changing, transformational, and people really do learn A WHOLE LOT... but most importantly, they love it.

What I know for sure is this: when we live our soul's own "original recipe," then we are able to "have and enjoy our life in abundance, to the full, until it overflows." Why is that? Because only then are we being who we were truly born to be, doing what we were truly born to do: living as our true self while enjoying our true self and everyone else's true self, and loving one another. 

The bottom line for me, and my business, is this... 

It's about "good people doing good things for good reasons."

It's about "living it, loving it, doing it."

And when it comes to a better future, "we are creating it." 

That's what I believe. That's what I behave. 

Welcome to a better you, a better business, and a whole new world...

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