Who Else Wants to Experience Accelerated Sales & Profits?


We show small business owners how to take their existing marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, credibility, reputation, sustainability, customer engagement, and loyalty, and INCREASE and MAXIMIZE them so that they MAKE MORE MONEY -- regardless of the product, service, brand, business, budget, or level of experience.

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YES YOU CAN start generating more sales and more profits -- and it doesn't have to take an 80-hour work week, tons of start-up money, or doing things that feel slimy, salesy, or inauthentic...

If you're a small business owner who believes your business can and should generate more sales and profits, we'd like to share with you some things about what our BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP can do for you in terms of achieving and receiving accelerated sales and profits...

Producing the Power of Business Performance Workshop is a live, experiential, people-based sales and marketing accelerated training program that uses real-time, one-to-one interactions, connections, directions, and transactions to create custom solutions and serve personalized performances that drive more sales and profits at scale.

People Want to Connect with You in Meaningful and Valuable Ways.

We Show You How to Do That in Ways That are Meaningful, Valuable, Productive, and Profitable.

Making sure big data, market intelligence, and more sales & better profits get created is at the heart of what we do. And we believe that the best data are not static. They are dynamic, just like people are. That’s why we show you how to start increasing and maximizing your BUSINESS PERFORMANCE to get better results.

Look, we get it.

Many of you wanted to start a business not because you wanted to do all the administrative and management and marketing parts of a business but because you wanted the RESULTS of what a successful business can give you and allows you to enjoy...


  • making good money being who you really are while doing what you love
  • having more freedom to do all the other things in life that you love to do or want to do
  • changing people's lives for the better, making a difference, living on purpose with purpose, leaving a legacy...

However, there can be some problems you've been dealing with. Perhaps you're...

  • Struggling with or are tired of looking for what will help you achieve consistent, predictable results in your marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, credibility, reputation, sustainability, customer engagement, and loyalty... so you can get those additional sales and profits
  • Done with spending more time seaching for a solution you can start using right away so you can MAKE MORE MONEY using a proven method that delivers the results you REALLY want...
  • Exhausted from trying to figure out everything you think you're supposed to do...
  • Worried about what it means to be "selling" because you don't want to sound salesy, slimy, or inauthentic...
  • Stressed out or overwhelmed with doing a lot of work and not feeling like you're being compensated for what you're really worth or what you know your business is worth...
  • Sick of waiting for positive changes to just come along and happen to you...
  • In denial because you've convinced yourself that all this marketing and selling stuff isn't really as important as it actually is -- because every product, service, brand, or business ACTUALLY USES specific marketing and sales strategies to achieve and receive all the successes those strategies deliver and allow them to have and enjoy...
  • MORE than fed up and DONE with seeing other people pass you by in terms of how much their business is growing now while yours isn't and how much money they're making now and you're not... yet!
  • Finally ready to get your hands on a system or method that can teach you what you need to know, how to do it, and why, and then start working FOR you rather than against you...

Well don't worry, there is a solution. And it's not what you might think...

If you are ready for BIG BREAKTHROUGHS and even BIGGER PAYDAYS, the fastest way to secure accelerated sales and profits now (and continue enjoying them for the sustainable long term) is to start your own journey with "Producing the Power of BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP" which we know can help you start achieving the results you've been looking for so you can start enjoying an abundance of NEWFOUND SALES and PROFITS at the same time!

Think about that for a second... how much is it worth to you to make just one new sale (and the profit that goes with it) per month in your small business? How much is it worth to you to be able to make just ONE NEW SALE per week? Or how about TWO NEW SALES per week? Or ONE NEW SALE PER DAY?

It starts to add up, doesn't it? Yes. Think about that... because it starts to add up pretty fast.

And we love those numbers!

So, exactly how much is it worth to you... to be able to start making one new sale a week -- and then extend that to the lifetime value of what that would be... from just ONE NEW SALE (and its profit)​ from ONE NEW CUSTOMER... and imagine how much NEW MONEY that would be in your business?

NEW SALES = NEW PROFITS = what this means to you, personally

Now, don't let the words "new sales" and "new profits" scare you. All of this is 100% totally do-able... and here's the part that might shock some of you to know: this is 100% possible no matter what business you're in, no matter the product, service, brand, or budget.

We've done this for 20+ years for hundreds of different kinds of businesses, products, services, brands, and so many different types of companies and individuals (watch our "LOOK WHAT WE'VE DONE VIDEO" on this same page below -- pretty awesome stuff in that video!)  

...and the crazy thing is about all this... is that it just keeps on working!

"One of your strategies quadrupled my internet sales in just 4 weeks! One of the first strategies you developed for me turned an $80 expenditure into $11,000 in just 30 days. After that I kept doubling my internet income every month and now I'm making more from my internet sales than I ever thought possible. I'm glad I've sought your easy-to-understand sales and marketing expertise... you’ve made me tons of money, and have shown me how to reach my customers and retail partners with ease -- and you accomplish it all with little or no cash outlays, spot-on perfect judgment and bullet-proof insight. I highly recommend them to you."

~ Bill Vaughn, President and Owner, EarthCare Products

No matter who does it, the systems just... keep on... WORKING! And we love that. We LOVE it when people just "get it" and start moving forward with their dreams and goals they have for their business because accelerated sales & profits are just a decision away from having relief from any doubt, frustration, stress, worry -- or even anger -- that you may have about what to do next in terms of recognizing you are 100% responsible for making sure more money gets made in your own small business... but what SHOULD you be doing next? HINT: do something that is good TO your business and good FOR your business and gets you the ROI you know your business deserves...

“I wanted to emphasize for everyone just how successful a campaign this was. As a communications professional with nearly 20 years in the business, I have never seen a greater ROI. We typically provide our clients a CPM in the $4-5 range, which in itself is extremely rare. But what this team pulled together is literally unprecedented. To achieve a CPM of 80-cents is a miracle of the first order!!”

Rob Bailey, Owner, Rob Bailey Communications

It's not enough to recognize or realize that it's possible to achieve accelerated sales and profits for whatever business you're in, or that so many other people before you have done it. Other people, before you, have walked the same path of the struggling or stressed-out small business owner. Been there! Done that! They've learned the lessons, and they are now achieving and receiving the fruits of their labor... all because they understood the meaning and value of ONE NEW SALE per month, per week, per day.

In other words, it's not enough to merely assess or realize the potential for greater sales and more profits in your business. Rather, it is EVERYTHING to take action by DOING WHAT WORKS. Execution matters. Period.

“Randall, you made an exceptionally quick and accurate assessment of the City of Vista and the region to determine the best impact from our fund-raising event. You creatively designed and executed a concept that not only got the attention of our school families, but also showed us the best way to raise $25,000 in one day to help our cash-strapped libraries and school band program. You are the expert in the advertising industry and displayed a wealth of knowledge and experience. I offer my highest endorsement for you."

— Dr. Dave Cowles, Superintendent of Schools Visa Unified School District

Accelerated sales and profits can happen in any business -- but only when you're ready to receive them and allow them by taking action. They can also happen no matter what the product, service, brand, or business is, regardless of the level of education, experience, or budget of the small business owner. The truth is, your learning journey of beginning to achieve and receive accelerated sales and profits is up to you.

Why? Well, its stands to reason that if you don't know how to make one new sale per month, per week, per day... and then add the power of leverage and EXPONENTIAL GROWTH to those strategies, then you're going to have some learning to do! It's just that plain and simple. Period.

And if small business owners can do this like our clients have over last 20+ years, and if students can learn it and use it (as you'll see in the testimonial below from one of THREE top MBA programs for which we developed and delivered our curriculum), then that means YOU can learn this and use it, too...

“Your dynamic delivery and extremely timely and pertinent material energized students who had been faltering with admittedly tough projects. My follow-on conversations indicated a high-degree to which you struck a nerve and got new ideas flowing. The real proof-of-concept came in their presentations to the clients, where those with the most impact on the client clearly followed your recipe.”

Dr. Chick Fojtik, Professor of Marketing – The Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University

But this is not just about the ADDITION factor -- it's also about 

the MULTIPLICATION FACTOR of real business growth... 

Simply put: how can you achieve one new sale per day (or multiple new sales per day) doing the least amount of work?

Mind you, you WILL have to work, but it's a lot easier than you think to get bigger results faster. And we've proven it. 

This PROVEN system is not only flexible, it's just fun to learn and enjoyable to use, too. The lessons and format work incredibly well no matter what business concerns you may have, no matter what part of your business (or product or service) you want to start working on.

You can just as easily start working on one area of your marketing campaign, or just two areas, or several sales strategy concerns, a PR issue, a media concern, your brand look and feel, or really go for it and start going for the BIG AHA BREAKTHROUGHS and BIGGER PAYDAYS you've been searching for. It's up to you how you would like to begin your journey of accelerated sales and profits. You just have to reach out your hand, and receive the plan that works...

So we're going to sum this up so you can continue getting familiar and comfortable with the rest of the information on this page...

HERE'S WHAT TO DO NEXT: Be sure you watch both videos... read the short article below about "Are You Making This Damaging Mistake in Your Business or Using This Powerful Solution?" ... and please see if this workshop really would be something that is right for you (see the "This Workshop is Great For..." section).

Also, check out the orange section about what you will learn in our BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP for accelerated sales and profits, how our 3-day immersive and experiential curriculum is taught so that you can START IMMEDIATELY using what you will be learning so you can use the roadmap, execute the plan, use the strategies, and actually start achieving and receiving your own ACCELERATED SALES AND PROFITS in your own business. Finally, don't miss the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and save $300 on the EARLY BIRD TICKET by registering today!

When we get together at the workshop we'll be going in-depth into your roadmap and the plan with all the strategies for generating accelerated sales and profits, so you can start using it now and enjoy watching your business grow. 

So, to summarize, in our workshop we show you EVERYTHING you need to start making more money in your small business right away: we give you the step-by-step roadmap to sales and profits success, teach you the strategies, give you one-on-one coaching and direction while you practice them in the workshop, and set you up to hit the ground running immediately -- for some people they start using the strategies before the workshop is over! And it works!!!

ONE MORE THING!  Remember, this isn't a "lecture" kind of workshop...

This is different. Our workshops are immersive and experiential -- you're going to be working ON your business as you learn the material and you're going to start using it right away before you even leave the workshop -- that way we can guide you to make sure you're going in the right direction with the right strategy for the right reasons and set you up for success.

And finally, you'll be in a much different mind-space and heart-space if you think about this for another month or two and wait until the last minute when the workshop is already filled and you won't be able to take advantage of it. This workshop is the LAST ONE for THIS YEAR. So if you wait, it's gone until sometime next year.

So you could wait and not get in and do it that way... versus going with what you know about where you're at right now. Be a YES or a NO, make your decision, walk away from learning valuable knowledge, or get on board, and be present for everything you're going to be doing and learning and launching at the workshop. We're going on an amazing ride, and you don't want the weight of what you "coulda shoulda woulda" done hanging over your head.

So! You're in or you're out... it's for you or it's not... we're doing this workshop one last time this year so this is your chance to have us one-on-one and get clear and move forward. You're not going to get clarity from us if you're not present at the workshop. Does that make sense? Ok!

That's it! We look forward to seeing YOU at our next workshop!



 GET THE EARLY BIRD TICKET BEFORE AUGUST 21, 2017 and SAVE $300. Offer good for one per person only.  



Are You Making This Damaging Mistake

in Your Business or Using this Powerful Solution?

After doing business consulting for 20+ years, we're still seeing this highly DAMAGING MISTAKE some business owners make (mostly unintentionally). This mistake CAN BE remedied, but it takes a realization and then a commitment on the part of the business owner (and team) which, sadly, some are not willing to make. But for the ones who DO make the switch, the rewards are rich. 

The mistake is this: they are consciously (or unintentionally) implementing PROMINENCE instead of PROVIDENCE regarding their marketing, advertising, sales, PR, media, branding, growing their business, etc.

And here's the BIG DIFFERENCE between the two: PROMINENCE is the appearance of success or popularity but without actual productivity or profitability -- giving others an impression about you or your business that the market most likely doesn't like or care about which is why they're not buying. Prominence may feel meaningful and/or valuable to the person using it, but if it's not meaningful or valuable to customers, it's irrelevant (and unproductive and unprofitable).

PROVIDENCE is creating valuable B2B and B2C relationships that are meaningful, valuable, productive, and profitable, leading to actual (not an appearance of) success -- showing others what you or your business can actually DO for people who might want to buy from you.

"People will pay what you tell them to pay when you tell them the right way."

People who go for PROMINENCE are attempting to appear successful when they might not be successful at all. They've been led astray, unfortunately, by some very bad advice floating around out there about how putting on the appearance of success (without actually having any real success) can somehow translate into actual success, credibility, reputation, money. Well, it CAN translate into tarnished versions of those things up to and including a completely damaged brand and the destruction of one's business. Not the way to go.

Some examples we've seen over the years are: fake reviews, fake followers, fake likes, fake views, useless and unproductive testimonials, and all the seemingly endless varieties of useless "badges of honor" (i.e.: "gaming the system" on units sold [books, audios, videos, etc.] on amazon and other retail sites, "gaming the system" on useless and fake "bestseller" lists, dumb and irrelevant awards, fake graduate degrees, so-called "memberships" in legally and ethically questionable "associations" or alleged "networking" or "marketing" groups that may actually be engaging in fraud, etc.). Prominence ends up getting you the kinds of results you're not going to like or want.

Other examples of prominence include using or doing anything that doesn't work -- ineffective strategies and methods that actually work against the person using them rather than working for them. 

Here's one more way of looking at prominence -- which is actually the most popular way people go about using and doing prominence (with the best of intentions): it's the appearance to others -- even to oneself -- that you're actually getting something done. You're very busy, going here, going there... busy busy busy. But... despite all the commotion of being busy and feeling and appearing like SOMETHING is getting done, none of the important things are actually getting done like: creating providence (creating B2B and B2C relationships that are meaningful, valuable, productive, profitable, and enjoyable).

Lots of people get caught up and very busy with using and doing something when, according to the needs of the business, nothing is really getting done that actually matters -- like making sure money gets made or what matters to the business, itself. Unfortunately, many small business owners tend to fall into using and doing what's best for their own comfort zone (and ego) rather than using and doing what's best for the business. The longer you stay in your comfort zone (instead of your learning zone), the longer you delay or deny achieving greater success.

We encourage everyone to get into -- and stay in -- their learning zone! Even when you achieve some level of mastery, you're ALWAYS going to be learning. The more you learn, the more you grow not just yourself, but your business -- because other people are always wanting to know or try something new they didn't know about or have before. Got it? That's how business works.

We do not teach, condone, or recommend the ways of prominence -- because they don't work.

PROVIDENCE is the only solution that actually works for delivering accelerated sales and profits so you can experience those BIG AHA BREAKTHROUGHS and BIGGER PAYDAYS and allows you to achieve and receive your success in meaningful, valuable, productive, profitable, and powerful ways you can bank on. That's what this workshop of our accelerated training program is all about, and that's what we teach small business owners who are ready to go to the next level of success and start earning what they and their business are worth... FASTER!

Providence is the Better Way to Produce Powerful, Productive, and Profitable Business Performance to achieve ACCELERATED SALES & PROFITS

This Workshop is Great For...

> Sales, marketing, and branding beginners & professionals

> Leaders, managers, and corporate personnel

> Authors, writers, experts, speakers, emcees

> Coaches, consultants, trainers, facilitators, mentors

> Creatives, artists, actors, musicians, performers

> People who "hate" selling, marketing, and business "stuff"

> Associations, clubs, charities, nonprofits

> Entrepreneurs, small to large business owners

> Trade shows and training programs

> Professional practitioners

> Extroverts, Introverts, and Ambiverts!

> Certified and/or licensed personnel

> Beauty, fashion, and style experts and practitioners

> Bloggers, designers, copywriters, webpreneurs

> GenX, GenY, Millennials, Yuppies, and Hippies

> Teachers, trainers, and school administrators

> Licensed professionals (legal, medical, finance, etc.)

> Freelancers, self-starters, solopreneurs

> Health and wellness practitioners

> Naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists

> Fitness trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologists

> Alternative medicine healers and energy healers

> Counselors, advisors, therapists, psychologists

> Small business owners who want to achieve & receive ACCELERATED SALES & PROFITS by increasing and maximizing their own productivity and profitability regardless of the kind of product, service, brand, or business, regardless of the level of prior education, experience, expertise, or budget.

In this BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP for Accelerated Sales & Profits You Will Learn How to...

> Sell without sounding salesy or slimy -- even if you "hate" selling (it's easier than you think)

> Develop your: idea(s), branding, design, building your tribe, business planning, social media, customer loyalty, sustainable growth

> Magnetize, materialize, mesmerize, monetize, and maximize WHAT you're doing, HOW you're doing it, and WHY you're doing it. 

> Make More Money -- in Multiple Ways

> Convert Sales Leads Better and More Often

> Grow Your Business, Scale Your Brand

> Grow (and clean) Your Customer List

> Create Exponential, Short-Term, and Long-Term Growth and "Profit Flashpoints" for money NOW

> Turbo-Charge Your Brand to STAND OUT

> Enjoy Better and Consistent Profit Margins

> Generate Higher Productivity NOW

> Maximize Better Marketing NOW

> Execute Better Strategies NOW

> Create More Profitable Relationships NOW

> Heal and Avoid Burnout and Stress

> Create and Build Bulletproof Influence

> Develop a Roadmap for Continued Success

> Pre-Sell Products and Services

> Dramatically Increase Sales and Profits

> Think Strategically, Streamline Operations

> Start Earning What You're Worth

> Master the Game of Networking

> Start Selling, Presenting, and Performing at Your Best STARTING NOW

> Say NO to Scarcity and Negativity

> Say YES to Creativity and Prosperity

> Get Out of Your Way and Move Forward

> Establish Deliberate and Easily Replicable "Success" SYSTEMS and PLANS Required for Ongoing Productivity, Profitability, and Sustainability

How the Accelerated Sales & Profits Training Curriculum is Taught...

We will be teaching and training you on customized, step-by-step strategies, methods, and systems for increasing and maximizing productivity and profitability via performance in marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, credibility, reputation, sustainability, customer engagement and loyalty. This workshop is NOT lecture only. It is mostly immersive and experiential -- focusing on learning and then getting into the material, taking direction and one-on-one consultation unique to you and your business, and finally practicing and eventually performing your powerful business performance.

This is a highly-structured and, as we say in television, "highly produced" workshop in which participants will learn a lot of new material and knowledge, immerse themselves in it through an exploratory and "trying it out" process, and then they will perform it. It's a very fun workshop in which A LOT of work gets done. You WILL learn A LOT, you WILL "hit the wall," and you WILL be very tired afterwards because it is that deep, passionate, intense, soul-stirring, exciting, and fun...

Participants must be able to take direction and follow instructions and at the appropriate times be able to get up in front of the class and perform their performance. The general "flow" of the workshop is this: 1) learning the knowledge, 2) pre-production and coordination of the knowledge, 3) practicing and rehearsing the knowledge, 4) demonstrating the knowledge by giving a powerful performance. The "star students" from our workshops get moved to the front of the line to be considered for making a guest appearance on our TV show AMERICA WORKS®.

By training you or, if you're a business, by training sales and marketing staff, management, and other influencers, on the most professional, efficient, profitable and productive communication, sales, and marketing methods, we believe and know sales and profits can be increased without sacrificing overall bottom-line profitability or diminshing existing payment plans for individual salespeople.

By connecting better sales processes with the right salespeople and by better connecting those sales people with the right customers, overall sales can improve while increasing long-term sustainability as well -- directly impacting your bottom line and shareholder value.

Our 4-Step "ACCELERATION" Process...

Our workshops are specifically tailored and customized for you, your group, company, or association, or organization. As a special note, we must tell you that the workshop is not hours and hours of lecture but, instead, it is completely immersive, interactive, and experiential. It is the same material we have been using for 30+ years for our FORTUNE 100 clients, A-List Hollywood Stars, World-Class Universities, over 54 different industries and individual businesses, as well as high profile individuals, professionals, and policy makers.

1) discovery/learning

2) pre-production

3) practicing/rehearsing

4) production/performing

Here's our  "LOOK WHAT WE'VE DONE" VIDEO ...

Click the BLUE BUTTON on the video below to see a

small sample of what we've done for the last 20+ years!


"Thank you for doing such an excellent job promoting my movie."


"David, I will never forget the instrumental role you played in making the conference so memorable! You were the hit of the conference. We all had so much fun! I salute you in making this conference OUTSTANDING!"

~ DISNEY, Disney’s "Be Our Guest" Professional Development Conference for Industry and Educators

"One of your strategies quadrupled my internet sales in just 4 weeks! One of the first strategies you developed for me turned an $80 expenditure into $11,000 in just 30 days. After that I kept doubling my internet income every month and now I'm making more from my internet sales than I ever thought possible. I'm glad I've sought your easy-to-understand sales and marketing expertise... you’ve made me tons of money, and have shown me how to reach my customers and retail partners with ease -- and you accomplish it all with little or no cash outlays, spot-on perfect judgment and bullet-proof insight. I highly recommend them to you."

~ Bill Vaughn, President and Owner Earthcare Products

“I worked with Randall for several years and always found his door open and him willing to brainstorm new ideas for creating revenue. He is a great “out of the box” thinker with a tremendous knowledge of multiple industries. His unselfish sharing of his knowledge contributed to my growth and passion for the entertainment industry and helped prepare me for my future role at IMDb.”

~ Bob Hogan, General Sales Manager, ABC Radio

“Working with Randall & David has been a flawless experience. Their approach to projects helps us to keep costs down while enabling us to serve clients very well with what we do best. They have the ability to both spread vision AND implement that vision into reality, which in my experience is a rare skill set.”

~ Scott A. Shuford, President - Frontgate Creative, Inc.

If you want to SAVE $300 on the EARLY BIRD TICKET, here's how much time is left...








SEPTEMBER 15, 16, 17 (FRI, SAT, SUN)

EARLY BIRD RATE: $947 (save $300)

GENERAL ADMISSION: $1247 after August 21, 2017


Intelligent Office

4275 Executive Square , Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92037


FRI 9am - 8pm   (one hour for lunch)


SAT 9am - 8pm  (one hour for lunch)


SUN 9am - 5pm  (one hour for lunch)



Education and learning can seem expensive. But wasted time, effort, energy, attention, money, and life is far more costly.


$40,000 per year


$10,000 per month


$2.60 per day

Attending the Business Performance Workshop will be an educational as well as an enjoyable experience. Here are a few things to remember to bring when you’re packing for your workshop...

An old-fashioned notebook and a pen. You won’t remember everything. Laptops are great, but are not allowed in the workshop due to the click, click, click, of keys. It's distracting to others and can be heard by our microphones we use to record these events. By taking written notes you’ll have something to refer to when you’re back in the office or reviewing over coffee at home. Some printed materials will be provided so you'll have plenty of places to keep track of your notes. The act of writing the information down will help you retain it better, even if you never refer to the notes. Since smart phones and tablets are not allowed (no other recording device is either) a regular pen and paper will serve you well.

The most important reason to take notes is this; when you’re in an atmosphere of motivation and creative energy, it’s easy for ideas to pop into your head. You might think of how what is being presented can be used in your own company and life. Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to remember these great ideas. Write them down immediately.

Business casual clothes - Come comfortable and relaxed. Collared shirts for men (Polo's are okay) and slacks. Please, no jeans, shorts, or tennis shoes. For ladies, pants with blouses, dresses, and skirts are all acceptable. Footwear - make them comfortable - Flats are preferred but if you're comfortable,great! Please, no cologne or perfume.

Healthy snacks – Make sure you try and eat regular meals, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep. Please bring some nuts, fruit or energy bars along with you so you’ll have them in case you need them on scheduled breaks. While there are several break periods throughout the day for you to enjoy snacks, food, and beverages there is no eating, drinking, or snacking allowed in the workshop room during the workshop. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Laptop, tablet, phone, any recording device – These items are NOT to be turned on while in the workshop. You will be able to check them on the breaks. 

Fragrances - Many people or sensitive to fragrances and the workshop room is a fragrance free area.

Remembering these few simple things can help everyone to have an enjoyable, stress-free, and exciting workshop experience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on these matters. See you there!

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The Better Way to Produce Powerful, Productive, and Profitable Business Performance  So You Can Achieve and Receive Accelerated Sales and Profits!

Experience better PROFITS, better PRODUCTIVITY, and overall better RESULTS by increasing & maximizing the PERFORMANCE of your marketing, sales, branding, PR, media, advertising, and more -- no matter the product, service, brand, business, budget, or level of experience.

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