How highly motivated, driven, results-oriented people who are successful in other areas of their life can learn and master how to successfully heal & stay healed from depression, anxiety, doubt, worry, triggers, unconsciously self-imposed obstacles, unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs & behaviors, codependency from narcissistic abuse, imposter syndrome, and other mental & emotional issues & problems preventing progress...

So that they can end a life of suffering and create, have, and enjoy a life they love, instead, by being plugged into a strategic, daily health/self-care system that provides high level, healthy, and motivating accountability and clear actions steps so they can 10x their health, wealth, happiness, power, and freedom.

Want to simplify the process of healing your sh!T?

If you’re struggling to make progress with healing your sh!T, you’re in the right place. 

most “experts” make things far too complicated, and you end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

let’s change that

and make it better.

(LIKE, 10x better!)



"I love teaching how to heal & stay healed from depression, anxiety, doubt, worry, triggers, imposter syndrome, and codependency from narcissistic abuse, to highly motivated people who are determined & driven to be free from it so that they can end a life of suffering and create a life they love, instead."

~ David Scotland

Hi! I'm David!

I help people who are highly motivated, ambitious, and driven, who are successful in other areas of their life but are experiencing depression, anxiety, doubt, triggers, worry, low passion, low productivity, low prosperity, no motivation, distractions, feeling off-track, not feeling like oneself, codependency from narcissistic abuse, and other mental & emotional issues & problems... that are controlling their lives and having a negative impact on everything they do, who don’t know how to heal themselves and stay healed, or build their self-confidence, self-worth, move on, feel at peace once and for all, who want to end all the suffering in their life and create a life they love, instead, who are seeking answers, solutions, and ways to heal & stay healed...

So that they can be 100% confident knowing they can heal & stay healed and 10x their health, wealth, happiness, power, and freedom with mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial stability in every area of their life because they are better organized, clear, confident, healthy, and happy, and because they have consistency in their daily/weekly overall health routine/system. And, if they go off track a bit, they know exactly how to get back on track quickly and easily, without getting triggered or falling behind in their progress, and they recover quickly, and start achieving their full potential personally & professionally.

The people I help end up feeling and being clear, grounded, healed, secure, confident, happy, resilient, mentally and emotionally strong, ultra focused, energized, by being plugged into a strategic daily self-care system that provides high level, healthy and motivating accountability, and clear action steps, so that they can experience the newfound joy, clarity, power, excitement, confidence, fun, and freedom from their mental & emotional issues & problems, while also having a sense of accomplishment, and finally being on the right track for who they were born to be so they can do what they were born to do, thriving mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially, and succeed in all areas of their life with results that can 10x their health, wealth, happiness, fun, purpose, power, and freedom, and finding themselves in a place where they are loving their personal & professional life.

Some of the reasons why I'm able to help others with these issues is because I, myself,  have gone from feeling trapped, invisible, irrelevant, hopeless, useless, worthless, having no self esteem, blind spots, extreme self-doubt, feeling unloved, ugly, stupid, bitter, angry, and silently miserable with just about everyone and everything... because of having clinical depression & anxiety for 43 years, terminal cancer, codependency from narcissistic abuse, other mental & emotional issues & problems, chronic infections including colds, flu, allergies, gut problems (SIBO, IBS), and low productivity, low passion, and low prosperity, and not feeling like I was being who I was born to be or doing what I was born to do...

And from there I was able to heal & stay healed and transform my life to being 100% healed, healthy, wealthy, happy, empowered, confident, finally at peace and free from everything and everyone that was making me miserable, living and loving my dream life because I discovered how to heal & stay healed… (which is what I now teach others!)... and by doing so I was able to 10x my health, wealth, happiness, power, freedom, and live on purpose, with purpose, in every area of my life, being who I was born to be while doing what I was born to do, and loving it... and on top of that, I’m also laughing all the way to the bank (take that, devil!) which is one of my favorite things to teach the people I help because “healthy money” is also a very important part of healing so that we may have and enjoy a life in abundance, to the full, until it overflows.

There Was a Time When I Thought I’d Never Be Able to Say This…

After getting fed up with the egomaniacal and irrational B.S. one encounters in big corporate consulting, working in Hollywood, and getting burned out on 1-on-1 client work, (and getting massively burned out on my own BULLSH!T that was holding me back), I decided to use my own methods that I had been researching, developing, and creating, to heal my personal life and heal my professional life, and thus regain my health, sanity, prosperity, peace of mind, joy, freedom, and fun. 

It was the best decision I've ever made!

Ok, but what's the BIG REASON WHY it was the best decision I ever made?

Because I finally gave myself "permission"  and allowed myself to start sharing and teaching all of my proprietary healing methods, systems, & processes that I used & developed to heal & stay healed 100% from:

- Clinical Depression (100% depression FREE since 2013)

- Terminal Cancer (100% cancer FREE since 2001)

- Codependency from Narcissistic Abuse (100% healed since 2018)

- Other Mental & Emotional Issues & Problems (100% healed since 2018)

- Chronic Infections Including Colds, Flu, Allergies (100% healed since 2013)

- Gut Problems, SIBO, IBS (100% healed since January 2013)

- Low productivity, low passion, and low prosperity (100% healed since 2013)

NOTE: you can get a lot of SH!T done in your work life, and I had gotten a lot of SH!T done in my own life, so far. But compared to who I am now and what I do now, I would put a whole bunch of what's on my "resume" in the categories of "low productivity, low passion, and low prosperity" because getting SH!T done, in and of itself, just isn't enough if it's SH!T you're doing for everyone else except YOU. 

Which brings me to one of my own favorite sayings: 

"Don't heal for them. Heal for you."

I'm pretty sure A LOT of you can relate to this!

Creating, having, and enjoying your OWN dream life is what it's all about.

And once you experience that, there's no going back to a life in which your SH!T isn't HEALED.

Those are a few of the main reasons why I love teaching others the 2 most important aspects of Healing Your Sh*t: 

1) Healing Your Sh*t for your personal life, using ways that are 10x faster, easier, safer, stronger, smarter, and cheaper than other methods out there.


2) Healing Your Sh*t for your professional life, using ways that are 10x faster, easier, safer, stronger, smarter, and cheaper than other methods out there.

If you're struggling to get your ______ (fill in the blank with whatever sh*t you're working on right now) where you want it to be so you can live the life you want, you're in the right place!

I learned (the HARD WAY) that there are several specific systems, methods, and processes that healing requires in order to get the results you truly want for yourself. Those systems, methods, and processes are what I teach, now, and I just love hearing about the positive transformations happening in people's lives!

Along the way, I've found that most "experts" make things way too complicated, leaving you frustrated, overwhelmed, and avoiding the kind of life you could be enjoying if you just had the right "recipes" to use to your benefit. Let's change that.

Healing can be messy. Let's make it a whole lot easier, more predictable, less stressful, and more fun.

That way, so you can start increasing & maximizing productivity, performance, profitability, prosperity, and ongoing success... without going into overwhelm or going in circles and repeating the very sh*t you're working your ass off to heal. That way you can FINALLY get to the tipping point where you master your sh*t so you can 10x your health, wealth, & happiness and live your life your way.

The Bottom Line:

Because if you want to live the life of "my cup runneth over," then you need to realize that the "overflow" (the part that "runneth over") is for everyone else, but what's in the cup is YOURS. What's in your cup is for you. It's not for anyone else. And the only way to get to the "overflow" way of life, is to heal & stay healed by HEALING YOUR SH!T.

Cheers, and Welcome!