The Power of Your Performance

is the Single Most Important Factor When It Comes to Increasing & Maximizing Your Marketing, Sales, Profits, Media, PR, Branding, Creativity, Productivity, Profitability, Credibility, Reputation, Sustainability, Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Your Performance

affects Every Single Aspect of Your Business and Professional Life Whether It's in Entrepreneruship, Leadership, Management, or as the CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, or as the Expert, Author, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Business Development Coach or Consultant, Presenter, etc.

Your Performance = Your Value

Performance is About Being 100% "ON BRAND" Because

Who You Are, What You Do, and Why You Do It Are Already Impacting the P&L

Whether You Know It or Not Because You're Either "ON BRAND" or Not

Your Performance Is a Production

When It Comes to Showing You How to Stay "ON BRAND" for Maximizing & Increasing

Your Marketing, Sales, Profits, Media, PR, Creativity, Vision, Productivity, Profitability, Credibility, Reputation, Sustainability, Customer Engagement & Loyalty... We Can Help!

What People Are Saying

"One of your strategies quadrupled my internet sales in just 4 weeks! One of the first strategies you developed for me turned an $80 expenditure into $11,000 in just 30 days. After that I kept doubling my internet income every month and now I'm making more from my internet sales than I ever thought possible. I'm glad I've sought your easy-to-understand sales and marketing expertise... you’ve made me tons of money, and have shown me how to reach my customers and retail partners with ease -- and you accomplish it all with little or no cash outlays, spot-on perfect judgment and bullet-proof insight. I highly recommend him to you."

 ~ Bill Vaughn, President and Owner Earthcare Products

"David, I will never forget the instrumental role you played in making the conference so memorable! You were the hit of the conference. We all had so much fun! I salute you in making this conference OUTSTANDING!"

~ DISNEY, Disney’s "Be Our Guest" Professional Development Conference for Industry and Educators

"I wanted to thank you for your flawless planning and successful execution of the Art for Humanity event. Marketing Experts International was a joy to work with. It is exciting to meet people with your conviction to give back to the community. Portland Habitat for Humanity is fortunate to have two very talented men take an interest in our mission."

~ Erika Kennel - Portland Habitat for Humanity, Development

“Thank you, David, for working so hard for us by breaking the rules and then coming up with these new systems that actually work — savings us millions of dollars, and by increasing productivity, profitability, and by turning the worst store in the company into the #1 store for sales profits, inventory control, labor management, and productivity… not to mention all your new training programs! All of us at Starbucks are very lucky to have your expertise.”

~ Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

About David

Entrepreneur, Producer, Director, Writer, Performer, Artist, Musician, Provocateur, INTJ, Master Strategist, Marketing and Sales Trainer, Menace to Mediocrity, Bodacious Boddhisattva

David Scotland is the CEO and Executive Producer of David Scotland Media -- a company that stands for "Good People Doing Good Things for Good Reasons" by teaching people in new and unique ways how to increase & maximize marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, productivity, profitability, and overall performance.

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  • GET REAL ANSWERS, solutions, tools, tips, action steps, and more based on field-tested, real-world knowledge, experience, and PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE results
  • DUMP what's not working and EMBRACE what works better
  • STOP using personal emotional chaos as the default "system" for how you see yourself, your business, and others, and START using impersonal rational order, and watch your profits rise!
  • IDENTIFY which systems result in SABOTAGE or SUCCESS
  • BLAST THROUGH your blindspots, obstacles, difficulties, and challenges you may have that are holding you back
  • ADVANCE with POSITIVE, FORWARD-MOVING ENERGY to increase and maximize the effectiveness of marketing, sales, profits, and more
  • MAXIMIZE your promotions, branding, PR, media, training, coaching, consulting, professional practice, media, engagement, and loyalty
  • and much more... because there's always more to learn, more to be, more to do, and more to explore, achieve, and enjoy

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